Amazon Daily Store 75 | Focuses on children’s toy design, with monthly sales exceeding 600,000 US dollars

The Amazon Daily Store 75 focuses on designing children's toys and has monthly sales over 600,000 USD

“Daily Featured Store” is one of the member benefits of BusinessDialogue. The BusinessDialogue team selects one Amazon store daily and conducts multidimensional analysis on product data, marketing strategies, and category advantages and disadvantages. They deeply analyze and integrate excellent operational guidelines, develop operational ideas, and help business development.

The showcased stores are not necessarily top-selling stores, as we believe that regardless of the size of the store, different scales of stores can provide references and learning opportunities, bringing different inspirations to your Amazon store operation.

It should be noted that the content displayed in this article is a part of “Daily Featured Store”. The store screenshots in this article are sourced from Amazon’s public display pages. The BusinessDialogue team combined relevant data tools to organize and analyze the data. The data collection and analysis were conducted in the second half of 2022.

Today, we will analyze a seller store from the United States. The store has 14 products, with an estimated daily order volume of about 860 units and a monthly sales of about 620,000 US dollars. One of the hot products was launched in July 2017, with an average gross profit of about 52%. The store feedback has grown by 71 in the past 30 days, with a total of 4680. The main category of the store is toys, and the hot product is imitation toy food. Most of these toys are suitable for children over 3 years old and are used to satisfy their exploration and role-playing preferences. The hot product in the store has two variants, one set contains 122 pieces, and the other set contains 150 pieces with a colored bag. In terms of quantity, they are quite abundant. From the appearance, the design of the seller matches a children’s kitchen toy on the market very well. After many buyers buy their children a children’s kitchen toy, they will look for this kind of toy to enrich their children’s role-playing hobbies. The store’s toy categories are very practical and deeply appreciated by buyers.

Business Dialogue has learned that the seller’s store has greatly reduced its cost in terms of traffic acquisition as it has developed. Sellers hardly advertise anymore, relying solely on natural and associated traffic. As can be seen from the data, natural search traffic accounts for 99% of the store’s traffic, while advertising only runs for some precise and large keywords; the associated traffic is even more impressive, all of which is FBT traffic, associated with nearly 8000 links. If this is achieved through white hat methods, it is obviously quite impressive. On this basis, it was also found that the store has been promoting off-site, almost without stopping.

Overall, the seller operates a large store that specializes in high-quality niche products. Although the seller has not opened a flagship store, its reputation is already quite good. Many of the store’s explosive products specialize in one direction.

Currently, the mainstream of the market in which the seller is located is still dominated by Amazon’s self-operated sales, and new sellers may not be able to enter easily. In terms of the regional distribution of sellers, there are many more local stores in the United States than in China. Although the space is not small, the opponent is Amazon. Perhaps it would be better to start from other sub-categories. As it is a children’s toy, relevant certification also needs to be considered to avoid being randomly inspected and reviewed.

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The store is from the publicly displayed page of The basic information charts and related pictures of the store displayed in this article are compiled and produced by the Business Dialogue member team, and the Business Dialogue member team does not have any original protection and ownership, nor does it assume any legal responsibility for the subsequent effects caused by it.

The content and opinions of the store analysis in this article are for reference only, and do not represent the complete correctness of the content and opinions. The stores and content involved in the store analysis do not constitute any investment advice.

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