How to improve the survival rate of the self-cultivated account assessment The crucial role of IP address in the assessment

The importance of IP address in improving the self-cultivated account assessment survival rate

An Internet Protocol Address (IP Address for short) is a unified address format based on the Internet Protocol. Its main function is to assign a logical address to every network and host on the Internet, in order to shield the differences in physical addresses.

Recently, many evaluation teams have been asking how to improve the survival rate of evaluation accounts. What does this have to do with? In the environment of self-sustaining evaluation accounts, in addition to requiring foreign servers, pure foreign IPs are also needed, as the purity of the IP is crucial. This includes various aspects of account registration and ordering. If you are still unclear about these, you may not be suitable for further development in the field of evaluation, as this requires a lot of time and energy.

IP addresses can be divided into various types: data center, public network, home, and each type is also divided into static and dynamic. Home IP addresses are the purest, so we usually use independent dedicated residential IPs. However, depending on the different stages of the account, we need to choose whether to use static or dynamic IPs.

During the use of IP addresses, there may be issues that can result in account suspension, such as:

1. Public network IPs that are already widely used, such as Luminati, 9 22, Google FI, TM traffic cards, etc., will generate weak associations due to repeated IPs, resulting in lower security and quality of their IP pools.

2. DNS jumps between countries. DNS is the best resolution path and cannot jump frequently, otherwise it may lead to account suspension.

3. webRTC (local LAN exposure). If the local LAN shows as China, it is obviously not in line with Amazon’s evaluation requirements, as they require real foreign users.

4. Blacklisted IPs. You can log in to xzrld?r-._okg to check if there are any issues with the IP, including data, whether DNS jumps between countries, and whether webRTC exposes the local LAN, etc.

Not everyone is suitable for the evaluation industry. If you are not willing to take the trouble, not willing to learn new technologies, and only hope that things are as simple as possible, then you may not go far on this promising path of self-testing. The batch accounts may be blocked due to IP issues, and it is necessary to solve problems such as server hardware parameter correlation, payment card success rate, and pure first-hand registration information, which all require certain resources and technical capabilities.

Currently, the survival rate of accounts in a high-purity environment can reach more than 90%. If you want to go further in the field of Amazon testing, you must have the ability to solve risk control problems. Remember, testing is an Internet project, and you cannot treat it with the mindset of traditional economy. Only by solving problems can testing become simple. Welcome to technical exchanges.

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