How to place an order without it being cancelled in practice for maintaining a Nike account?

Tips for preventing Nike account order cancellations

Nike is a multinational American company producing sports products. Its business scope includes the design, development, production, global promotion, and sales of footwear, clothing, equipment, clothing accessories, and services.

1. Enter the official website and click “join us” to register a new account.

2. Enter account information.

3. Add the desired items to the shopping cart.

4. Submit the order in the shopping cart.

5. Fill in the shipping address.

6. Choose the delivery method.

7. Bind a credit card. Here, I used a self-developed virtual credit card platform for binding.

8. Submit the order.

9. Wait for the order to be successful.

Self-managed accounts means managing a group of buyer accounts by oneself. Since it is one’s own account, there is no need to worry about being cheated by intermediaries. However, there is also a risk of large-scale accounts being judged as violations. Therefore, finding a suitable evaluation tool and configuring a secure and reliable network environment for each account is crucial for self-managed account operation. There are many factors involved, including IP address, browser environment, payment address, bank card information, etc. The cost of these resources can currently be controlled at around 12 yuan per account.

Every seller and studio knows that configuring a secure and reliable network environment for each account is of utmost importance for self-supporting account operation.

So, what are the considerations for achieving a high degree of camouflage in the evaluation environment?

Firstly, it is the hardware parameters of the server (such as security codes, region codes, regulatory codes, etc., which need to be prevented from being detected).

Secondly, the purity of the IP (whether DNS jumps countries, blacklisted IPs, webRTC, etc., are exposed).

Finally, the browsing environment, such as whether cookies and plug-ins are associated. Therefore, one aspect alone cannot solve the problem.

Another issue is resources, such as buyer information (foreign email, address, phone number), credit cards, or gift cards. It is best to find a first-hand service provider for these essential materials. In the current market, there are many unreliable intermediaries who sell one number or card multiple times, or gift cards for card recharging, harvesting leeks. Therefore, we must be careful and cautious!

Our technical principle is to build the IP and server in our own programming assembler to create a secure terminal. This allows the platform to only detect external IP and cannot find the hardware association parameters of the server. It can be understood as installing a firewall. With one hardware parameter, one IP, and one browser, coupled with detailed techniques for browsing orders and high success rate payment cards, several comprehensive factors can achieve a very low rate of order cancellations and account bans. We call it the Super Firewall System, and welcome technical exchanges.

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