Amazon Evaluation Response to Amazon Risk Control A Guide to Building a High-Quality Evaluation System

Title Amazon's Guide to High-Quality Evaluation System in Response to Risk Control

In the field of e-commerce, continuous technological innovation and iteration have become an inevitable trend. Therefore, sellers or evaluation service providers must always be vigilant, constantly mastering and applying new technologies to avoid being eliminated by the market. Especially for e-commerce giants like Amazon, their risk control technology has never stopped changing. Many sellers or evaluation service providers are still using outdated technologies such as fingerprint browsers and Luminati, which may no longer meet current market demands.

In fact, Amazon’s current risk control system focuses more on detecting the hardware parameters and IP addresses of user devices. Because Amazon is a big data company, they can detect the security code, regional code, regulatory code, MAC and other hardware parameters of user devices through the user’s IP address. For example, when we use Taobao for shopping, Alibaba can obtain the model and various hardware parameters of our mobile phone through our IP address.

Therefore, for sellers or evaluation service providers, simply using foreign IPs and fingerprint browsers can no longer meet Amazon’s latest risk control requirements. They need to make breakthroughs in hardware parameters to meet Amazon’s requirements.

Specific solutions can include the following:

Use foreign servers to remotely build a secure terminal and write it into the firewall system.

Create a residential dedicated IP to accurately locate the area.

Then use a fingerprint browser, and also use privacy plugins for browsing and ordering.

In this way, when the website tries to read our hardware parameters, we have three defense programs: extension programs to prevent pinging and tracking of HTML; server firewalls to block IP hardware parameter detection; and non-remote bridging methods. Simply put, we need to simulate the real physical configuration of a foreign environment and simulate a real foreign online shopping experience. We need to clarify whether the platform’s risk control point is the correlation of hardware parameters, the purity of IP, the correlation of fingerprint plugins or cookies, or the risk control of payment cards. Only then can we better adjust our camouflage strategy and solve the problem of account association, order cancellation or account suspension.

This technology solution is not only applicable to Amazon, but also to TikTok, eBay, Wish, Lazada, Shopee, AliExpress, Walmart, Wayfair, and other e-commerce platforms for evaluating buyer accounts. Only by building your own evaluation black technology system, cultivating a batch of high-quality accounts, independently controlling real buyer browsing, adding to cart and placing orders, familiarizing yourself with Review and other risk control data patterns, can you independently accelerate promotion, defend against counterattacks, save costs, operate evaluation, and become a leader in the e-commerce field.

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