The category in the UK is seeing crazy price increases, yet Amazon remains the king of low prices

UK category prices rise, Amazon still cheapest

A study has shown that in the past year, the biggest price increase in mother and baby products in the UK was for diaper cream, with a year-on-year increase of 37.9%; while baby bottle prices increased by 17.2% and baby lotion increased by 14.1%.

Other price increases for goods include diapers, which increased by 8.9%; pacifiers increased by 8.4%; and infant formula increased by 8.1%. In comparison, the increase in baby food was relatively small, at only 1.5%.

Pattern conducted a study specifically on the price changes of the most popular mother and baby products on Amazon UK, comparing prices from March of this year to the same period in 2022. The study suggests that Amazon’s price changes can be seen as an indicator of general price trends for online consumer goods.

However, a study by Pattern of 11,000 products found that Amazon’s prices are on average 13% lower than other UK retailers, including mother and baby products, with Amazon’s baby product prices being 9% cheaper than competitors.

The following are the results of Pattern’s investigation into the price changes of Amazon’s mother and baby products:

Diaper cream: 2022 price: £3.87; 2023 price: £5.34; percentage increase: 37.9%

Baby bottle: 2022 price: £18.13; 2023 price: £21.26; percentage increase: 17.2%

Baby lotion: 2022 price: £6.77; 2023 price: £7.73; percentage increase: 14.1%

Diapers: 2022 price: £21.91; 2023 price: £23.87; percentage increase: 8.9%

Pacifiers: 2022 price: £7.46; 2023 price: £8.09; percentage increase: 8.4%

Infant formula milk powder: Price in 2022: £24.82; Price in 2023: £26.85, Percentage increase: 8.1%

Infant shampoo: Price in 2022: £4.04; Price in 2023: £4.25, Percentage increase: 5.1%

Baby cot: Price in 2022: £13.60; Price in 2023: £14.17, Percentage increase: 4.1%

Nursing pads: Price in 2022: £10.37; Price in 2023: £10.57, Percentage increase: 1.9%

Baby food: Price in 2022: £10.15; Price in 2023: £10.31, Percentage increase: 1.5%

Although the overall prices of maternal and child products have risen differently due to different commodities, most of the prices of goods have increased by a few percentage points. In addition to maternal and child products, UK consumers have also been affected by the rising prices of daily necessities such as detergent or toilet paper.

For sellers, price increases will affect consumer demand, but Amazon still maintains a low-price advantage to a certain extent, so it may attract more buyers. While accepting more traffic, sellers also need to understand consumer demand, such as providing discounts. Benefiting from other ancillary services, making consumers feel that they are getting more value for their money.

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