Step-by-step guide Use ChatGPT+Microsoft AI drawing tool for free, easily create product images on Amazon in 10 seconds

Use ChatGPT+Microsoft AI drawing tool to create Amazon product images in 10 seconds for free

On the fiercely competitive e-commerce platform Amazon, how can you make your products stand out? The answer is high-quality images! Now, with AI painting tools, sellers can easily and efficiently create ideal product images without spending too much money or effort.

Today, I will demonstrate how to use Microsoft AI painting tools and ChatGPT to create images in just 10 seconds! Do you want to learn together?

In late March, Microsoft Bing launched an AI painting tool called “Bing Image Creator,” which uses OpenAI’s well-known DALL-E image generation technology.

It’s very easy to use, even for novices like me. Just log in with your Microsoft account and you can use it for free! For us ordinary users, it’s really easy to use. Moreover, the speed of generating images is super fast, taking only about 10 seconds.

How to use it? Just enter a description of the image in a small text box, and it will automatically generate an image. However, it currently only supports English, so users need to provide accurate translations for the descriptions.

The generated images have four 1024×1024 images that can be downloaded, each with a small Bing watermark in the lower left corner.

Although “Bing Image Creator” is free to use, it will provide each user with 25 points, and each time an image is generated, one point will be consumed. These points can help you generate images faster. If you run out of points, you can still continue to generate, but the speed will be slower. Of course, we can also redeem more points through Microsoft Rewards.

Okay, enough talk, let’s see how to use it!

Open the “Microsoft Bing Image Creator” website, the website address is: zllp.myyxxx_/=sc_okgy=grc?.yow?rl?

Click the “Join & Create” button and log in with your Microsoft account. Students who do not have a Microsoft account need to register for one.

After successfully logging in, the interface will look like this, and I have marked out the main functions. You can start creating now!

What if you need to use English prompt words? Of course, use ChatGPT! You can ask it: “Under the fountain in the Louvre, a 5-year-old female French Bulldog with a proud expression, round body, and an Herm├Ęs logo collar, with camel-colored hair, is walking elegantly. It looks at the camera with big eyes, and the breeze blows against its face, causing its hair to turn slightly yellow.” Please provide me with English instructions that can be used to generate images by AI, and specify that you want to use “professional photography style.”

Paste the English instructions into the prompt box of Bing Image Creator, and then click the “Create” button. After about 5-10 seconds, you will see four generated images.

What if you are not satisfied with the images? In addition to recreating, you can also go back to ChatGPT to continue asking how to modify them!

Then paste the new instructions into the prompt box of Bing Image Creator, and then click the “Create” button again.

If you think the image in the upper left corner is satisfactory, click on this image to download.

For Amazon artists, although this product still has a gap compared to professional AI drawing tools like Midjourney, it has the advantage of low threshold and fast image generation. When encountering creative bottlenecks, you can click “Surprise Me” to find some reference, and most importantly, this AI drawing tool is currently free!

PS: The images in the article are all from Bing Image Creator.

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