What is a quality inspection report? What exactly is a quality inspection report?

What is a quality inspection report?

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What is a Quality Inspection Report?

A quality inspection report, as the name suggests, is a report on the quality inspection of products produced by enterprises and production factories, mainly focusing on the quality of the products. Does the product have any other quality issues? Is it the same quality as the product you were told to expect? In recent years, with the development of e-commerce, e-commerce platforms have also been connected with production factories. Many production factories used to produce products directly for wholesale and were not particularly knowledgeable about sales. Now, many factories have started to do well on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, JD, and even have slogans!

So, how much do you know about the quality inspection reports that e-commerce platforms need to do? Quality inspection reports are now a must-have for entering e-commerce platforms and are subject to random checks every year. If you do not have a quality inspection report, your product will be taken down directly! If you need to apply for a quality inspection report, you can contact me, and the price and time will satisfy you!

Why do we need to do a quality inspection report?

As product quality is becoming more and more important, major shopping malls across the country not only require companies to provide relevant product certification certificates when selecting products for sale, but also require companies to provide a “product quality inspection report” issued by an “authoritative organization”. My professional quality inspection report can save a lot of time and energy for companies during the inspection process and enable the products of enterprises to quickly occupy advantageous positions.

According to the requirements of Taobao Mall, for new users applying to enter Taobao Mall in the categories of clothing, children’s clothing, and home textiles, at least one authoritative testing organization with CNAS and CMA certificates must provide a quality inspection report for each category. For already established businesses, the same standards apply when applying to add brands or categories. Taobao Mall will conduct random spot checks on established businesses, so please keep records for inspection.

What is the difference between an inspection report and a testing report?

1. An inspection report is a report issued based on a specific inspection (such as a single performance test) with indications of pass or fail included in the content.

2. A testing report generally refers to a type of testing that does not have specific standards or is based on composition analysis, such as testing conducted by complex instruments and equipment. The report issued is a test report (without any pass or fail indications). In fact, they are both reports, and the quality inspection report provided by a third-party inspection organization for product testing has no difference from the tomato and tomato, just different names.

Why is it necessary for a third-party laboratory to issue a testing report?

A testing report completed by an independent third-party professional inspection organization can comprehensively and objectively reflect the quality information of the product. Third-party professional inspection organizations should have relative independence and impartiality, and can provide fair data (inspection reports) to the society.

The test basis for the quality inspection report

● National standards;

● Industry standards;

● Local standards;

● It can also be a corporate standard or product technical conditions;

● Generally, we recommend using the national GB standards.

Testing standards for quality inspection reports

What are testing standards? Testing standards are documents created through consensus and approved by recognized organizations in order to obtain order within a certain scope, provide rules, guidelines, or characteristics for various activities or their results, and are used and repeated jointly. The main testing standards include: GB (national standard), QB (industry standard), enterprise standard, special standard, etc. In addition, if the product is special and there are no corresponding testing standards, the applicant can provide the inspection basis for product testing.

Common Products Testing Standards

Currently, the common electronic products that require safety compliance testing and their corresponding standards (published up to October 2020) are:

● Lighting products: GB 7000.1-2015, GB 7000.201-2008, GB 7000.202-2008

● Audio and video products: GB 8898-2011

● Mobile power bank: GB 4943.1-2011, GB 31241-2014

● Digital mobile phones: GB 4943.1-2011

● Data cables: Technical Specifications for Data Cables and Interfaces

● Headphones: General Specifications for Headphones

● Power adapters: GB 8898-2011 or GB 4943-2011

● Liquid heaters: GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.19-2008, marking and labeling inspection items

● Robotic vacuum cleaners: GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.7-2014

● Humidifiers: GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.48-2009

● Fans (including table fans, wall fans, floor fans, pedestal fans, and page-turning fans): GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.27-2008

● Kitchen machinery: GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.30-2008

● Induction cookers: GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.14-2008, GB 4706.29-2008

● Medical devices: GB 9706.1-2007

What are the testing items for general products?

The general inspection items for products include appearance, labeling, product usability performance, and safety performance. When necessary, the product’s environmental adaptability performance, durability performance (or life test), and reliability performance should also be tested.

Generally, all inspections are carried out in accordance with the prescribed standards. The corresponding technical indicators and requirements for each parameter are generally specified in the standards used for testing. These indicators can generally only be obtained under certain testing conditions. Different results can be obtained for the same product under different testing conditions. A complete testing report should provide judgment criteria and corresponding testing methods for each performance item. The testing conditions for completing relevant projects generally include: temperature, humidity, environmental noise, electromagnetic field intensity, test voltage or current, and equipment operating gear (such as tensile speed) that affect the project parameters.

What materials are needed for a quality inspection report?

1. Sample preparation: For products that involve appearance quality, it is recommended to provide 2-3 pieces of the same type, color, and size; for Taobao category, only one piece is needed;

2. Trademark brand information

3. If there is label testing, hanging tags, washing labels, certificates of conformity, instructions, etc. need to be provided

4. Quality inspection application form

The process of handling a quality inspection report:

1. Call our contact number and inform us of your needs

2. Send product pictures or instructions to evaluate costs

3. Mail samples

4. Fill out the testing center application form

5. Sign the cooperation contract, make payment, etc.

6. Start testing

7. Pass the test

8. Issue the quality inspection report

How much does it cost to get a testing report? xxx_clluo_okg

The cost depends on the tested product, testing items, and testing qualifications. Different tested products correspond to different testing standards, and the testing items are also different. The testing cost will not be the same if there is testing qualification. In addition, the testing cost for full inspection and partial inspection of testing standards is also different. Therefore, these issues must be understood clearly before testing.

The function and importance of a quality inspection report

If the product fails to pass the inspection and is sold on the market, not only is there no guarantee, but there is also the possibility of harming the human body. Currently, any product must pass the inspection before entering online shopping malls such as Tmall. A quality inspection report not only provides a qualification for entering the mall, but also adds value to the product, making consumers more confident in purchasing and using the product. The significance of a quality inspection report for the product itself is therefore an added guarantee, increasing the product’s own credibility as well.

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