Seller’s Early Attention What should I do if the WEEE registration number has not been issued for a long time?

What to do if WEEE registration number not issued for long time?

However, there are still many sellers whose WEEE registration number has not yet been issued, which affects the submission and verification of the registration number on Amazon’s compliance portal, and further leads to the risk of related products being removed from the platform.

WEEE compliance requires an authorized representative to act on behalf of the seller to fulfill the legal obligations as a producer in Germany. According to official German requirements, the authorized representative must undergo qualification verification and be included in the “List of Admitted Authorized Representatives” on the official EAR website in Germany. If your WEEE registration number has not been issued, it is recommended that you verify with your service provider as soon as possible whether the authorized representative has obtained qualification verification and is listed on the official authorized representative list.

Copy and paste the link into your browser to view the official authorized representative list:

To help you obtain your WEEE registration number as soon as possible, Amazon has launched the Producer Responsibility Extension Service (ACES) to carefully select qualified authorized representatives or related service providers to help ensure a worry-free WEEE registration process!

Tips that all German sellers need to know about WEEE

1. What is an authorized representative, and what are their responsibilities in WEEE compliance?

An authorized representative is a legal entity that acts on behalf of the seller to fulfill the legal obligations as a producer in Germany under WEEE compliance. The legal obligations that producers in Germany must fulfill include, but are not limited to, registering the correct WEEE-Reg.-Nr number, submitting monthly and annual reports, contacting and allocating appropriate guarantee and recycling systems, and fulfilling other obligations under the ElektroG Act.

2. What are the requirements for an authorized representative?

● An authorized representative needs to pass the official review and certification of EAR. Starting from October 2022, EAR will conduct non-discriminatory qualification reviews for authorized representatives of service providers. Authorized representatives must undergo the audit to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to represent the enterprise in implementing waste management policies.

● An authorized representative needs to be listed in the “Admitted Authorized Representative List” approved by EAR. Only authorized representatives who have passed the EAR official audit are qualified to obtain WEEE registration numbers.

Copy the link to the browser to view the “Admitted Authorized Representative List”:

3. How to determine whether you have WEEE obligations? When do you need to appoint an authorized representative?

● First, you need to determine whether you have WEEE obligations. You can log in to the seller platform, and go to “Data Reports > Inventory and Sales Reports > Producer Responsibility Extension Classification Report” to view the ASIN identified by Amazon as requiring WEEE compliance.

● If you are a Chinese seller and do not have a branch in Germany, you must appoint an authorized representative to help you fulfill your legal obligations as a producer in Germany.

● If you have any questions about the ASIN classification in the Amazon EPR report, please contact the seller support for appeal.

4. Will the review of the authorized representative affect my WEEE-Reg.-Nr number that is in the process of registration?

The number that is in the process of registration may be affected by the review of the authorized representative. Specifically, if you are applying for a WEEE-Reg.-Nr number and your authorized representative has not yet completed the qualification review, the number you applied for may be considered not meeting the requirements of the ElektroG Act and therefore unable to obtain a registration number. Therefore, no matter which stage you are in for WEEE-Reg.-Nr number registration, please ensure that your authorized representative passes the review to ensure that the number they apply for complies with WEEE regulations.

You can use Amazon’s Producer Responsibility Extension Service (ACES) with peace of mind, which provides you with authorized representatives and support for registration and reporting.

5. How do I upload the WEEE-Reg.-Nr number to Amazon?

You need to copy the following link, log in to the Amazon Seller Platform, and go to the compliance portal to submit the WEEE-Reg.-Nr number:

Note: Even if you have submitted the WEEE-Reg.-Nr number to “Settings > Your Information and Policies > About Sellers,” you still need to submit your WEEE-Reg.-Nr number to the compliance portal. And your registration number needs to be verified by Amazon. It must be displayed as valid in the compliance portal to meet your WEEE compliance requirements.

If you have any questions about Amazon’s WEEE classification and registration number submission and verification, please click [Contact Sales Partner Support] to get seller support help.

6. My product has not generated any sales records and there is no submission entry in the Amazon compliance portal. Do I need to register a WEEE-Reg.-Nr number?

Yes. If you continue to sell in the future and your product belongs to the category of products required by the German Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), you need to register the corresponding product’s WEEE-Reg.-Nr number as soon as possible. After the submission entry is displayed in the Amazon compliance portal, you need to complete the submission and verification of the registration number.

7. What should I do if my brand is not displayed on the compliance portal?

If the products you sell do not involve any well-known brands, you can register these brands on Amazon and submit your WEEE-Reg.-Nr number in the compliance portal. If you have completed the brand registration but it still does not appear normally, please consult seller support.

Copy the link to your browser to view the guidance instructions on “Brand Registry Frequently Asked Questions” on the “Producer Responsibility Extended Requirements: German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste Help Page”

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