How to create high and low-priced products on eBay and Amazon? Utilize self-owned accounts to evaluate and achieve sales success

Create products of varying prices on eBay and Amazon by using your own accounts to evaluate and achieve sales success

In the current cross-border market, whether it’s high-priced products or low-priced products, it’s most important to find what suits you best.

Many sellers think that low-priced products are too difficult to sell, and they can’t compete with powerful players. So, they choose to enter high-priced subcategories. However, once they enter, they find that the advertising bidding is too high to accept, and the conversion rate is particularly poor, then they struggle to make a profit.

First of all, the overall investment cost of low-priced products is low, which is suitable for novice sellers who are starting a business and small sellers. After all, with low cost and fast turnover, the turnover rate of funds is very high, so the required investment can be reduced by a large amount.

Low-priced products are often products with strong demand and simple functions. The product update iteration is slow, and if the product quality can be well controlled, it can be sold for five or eight years without too many issues. This can extend the product lifecycle and profit cycle.

There is no off-season throughout the year, and products can be sold all year round. Even during the off-season, sales will not be too low, and during the peak season, sales volume can increase by one or two times. Therefore, the product stocking plan is easy to make, and it will not cause unsold products due to logistics inefficiencies after the best selling season.

Choosing to sell low-priced products is based on choosing a segmented market that has high demand and low competition, low CPC and high conversion rates. There must be such a prerequisite: high sales volume, naturally large traffic, and naturally large order proportions. The product should not be too dependent on advertising to generate sales. This way, the advertising budget can be greatly saved.

Often, the most frightening thing is choosing low-priced products and choosing a segmented market with low demand and high CPC. The chance of success for such products is very low!

For example: with a daily advertising budget of $50 and a bid price of $1 for both products, after Product A is listed, it can generate a dozen or twenty orders a day, of which ten are natural orders. However, after Product B is listed, it can only generate five orders a day, with no natural orders, all of which are advertising orders.

So, which product is easier to promote? Product A or Product B?

Undoubtedly, Product A is easier to promote because of its large natural traffic and high proportion of natural orders, which means that the product is very easy to maintain in the later stage. In other words, the entire advertising bid can be reduced quickly, and the advertising budget can be reduced quickly as well.

Low-priced products have strong demand, single function, and high repurchase rate. When advertising is launched, the conversion rate is very high. The conversion rate of the listing can be quickly increased, which can save a lot of advertising costs.

There are several forms of evaluation:

1. Find an intermediary or service provider: Some service providers may have a large number of foreign evaluators, but the quality of their accounts is uneven.

2. The quality of real person evaluation accounts is uneven. Currently, the situation in the market is that real person accounts do not choose products, malicious refunds, it is difficult to send products, comments are not timely, and using black cards to place orders causes abnormality in the store. The risk of the account being monitored and controlled automatically by software or scripts is very high and cannot be used anymore.

3. Self-owned account evaluation is relatively controllable, which is achieved by registering, cultivating, and placing orders manually through building foreign servers and IPs by oneself.

The advantages are as follows:

1. Time and quality are better and more controllable, and can be arranged freely.

2. Lower cost, registering an account costs only a few dollars and can be used for a long time, which is more cost-effective than paying high commissions.

3. The testing time and quantity can be controlled by yourself, and can be tested anytime and anywhere.

4. You don’t have to worry about malicious refunds or using black cards to place orders.

Quality of the account you raise is relatively controllable, and the IP used is also a pure IP. You won’t place a large number of orders, nor will you use duplicate resources. Many sellers and studios now have their own evaluation teams to cooperate with their operations.

In summary, we strongly recommend that you start building your own account team, raise evaluation accounts as backups, which may reduce some costs, and make evaluations more controllable. Different people have different opinions, so it is up to you to decide.

That’s all for today’s sharing. We hope it helps you. If you want to learn more about self-raised account evaluation and replenishment, you can follow the author’s public account, Cao Ge Evaluation Technical Consultant.

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