eBay Father’s Day promotion strategy is here! Boosting the traffic and sales for sellers!

eBay has a Father's Day promotion to increase traffic and sales for sellers

eBay123 has learned that eBay UK has launched a Father’s Day exclusive promotion page recently to help sellers increase the visibility of their products. At the same time, eBay has also released a Father’s Day promotion guide to help sellers further boost sales. The following is the original text of eBay’s announcement:

Father’s Day (June 18th) is coming soon. From tools to sports equipment, personalized gifts, and other essentials, eBay is a one-stop gift shop. In order to help sellers improve their visibility and provide gift inspiration for buyers, we have launched a Father’s Day gift exclusive page on eBay.co.uk.

But in addition to this, you can take some simple steps to increase the visibility of your products:

1. Use fast and tracking delivery options

On occasions like Father’s Day, receiving gifts on time is crucial. Therefore, to help you provide a smooth delivery experience, we recommend using fast and tracking delivery options. Considering that many buyers will make purchases at the last minute, this becomes even more important.

Based on these situations, you may consider adding paid express delivery services to your listings.

Using fast and tracking delivery options not only provides more visibility for buyers but also helps prevent the occurrence of “items not received” and provides you with additional protection. We found that if the order processing time is short and fast delivery service (delivery service provided within 3 days) is used, your sales will increase by 7%.

2. Optimize your listings

Optimizing listings can increase your product conversion rate. Some important tips include using all available 80 characters in your title, including the terms your buyers are searching for.

Using high-quality photos taken from various angles that show any defects or scratches is also key to optimizing listings. You can now add up to 24 photos to your listing for free, and we recommend that you take full advantage of this! Alternatively, you can impress buyers by adding videos.

You can also use keywords, such as “Father’s Day” or “personalized,” to increase the search volume of your products. If you are unsure what keywords to use, Terapeak is a powerful tool that can help you discover the best-selling products before and after Father’s Day and help you optimize your listing insights. But remember to remove keywords such as “Father’s Day” after the holiday.

3. Stand out with Promoted Listings

Use Promoted Listings to make your products stand out on eBay. According to seller feedback, we recently launched “Broad Match,” a new keyword matching type that works with Promoted Listings Advanced. Remember to set your Father’s Day promotions to end before June 18th, so buyers can receive their items in time.

4. Attract potential buyers with promotions

You can launch five types of promotions through Seller Hub. Consider creating new promotions to attract buyers before Father’s Day. In 2021, about 44% of transactions for Father’s Day used at least one promotion.

Attract potential audiences and increase sales by displaying price drop information in your listings or sending messages with quotes to buyers. When selling complementary items, such as golf balls with a golf tee, order discounts are a good option, such as “buy three get one free” or “spend over £100 and get a 20% discount.”

Layered discounts are a good option when buyers order large quantities of the same item, such as razor blades, car cleaning products (or anything dads buy in bulk).

You can also use code coupons to offer discounts to buyers. Share them publicly on eBay, privately through your marketing channels (such as social media), or include printed coupons in your order packaging. Important tip: Start adding code coupons to your orders now to attract more potential audiences!

Additionally, you can also use promotional activities and discounts to sell your products at a discounted price within a limited time frame. For example, “Electric tools can save up to 40%.” The price reduction function will display the prices before and after the discount to your buyers.

Editor: Nicole/eBay123

Disclaimer: This article is copyrighted by eBay123 and may not be reproduced without permission.

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