New seller’s starter kit on eBay Japan, with commission cashback up to $200!

eBay Japan's new seller's starter kit offers commission cashback up to $200!

eBay123 has learned that eBay Japan has recently launched the “Do It Now! eBay Challenge Campaign” to offer commission refunds to sellers who successfully join the eBay market and make transactions for the first time.

The campaign runs from May 15 to June 23, during which time first-time sellers who list items on eBay, whether individuals or companies, can receive up to $200 in commission refunds if they successfully sell their products.

eBay stated that Japanese products are known for their high quality and are popular with overseas consumers. Watches, brand-name bags, cameras, anime and character goods, games, collectible card games, and auto parts from Japanese sellers are increasingly popular worldwide.

The campaign aims to meet overseas demand and support sellers facing obstacles in cross-border sales. It is worth noting that eBay Japan also launched a similar campaign last year called “eBay Startup Campaign.”

On the “Do It Now! eBay Challenge Campaign” page, eBay provides detailed instructions for novice sellers on how to create an account, submit and participate in the campaign, and links to relevant pages.

How to participate in the “Do It Now! eBay Challenge Campaign”?

1. If you are a new seller, please create an eBay account. (You can visit the campaign page to learn how to create an account and eBay sales support page).

2. Apply to participate in the campaign from the “Seller Portal” on eBay Japan’s website (must apply before 23:59 on June 23, 2023; transactions that occur after applying will receive cashback).

3. List new products on eBay during the campaign.

4. The listed items are purchased during the campaign period.

If conditions 2-4 are met, the final value fees generated during the sale will be fully refunded. Note that the maximum cashback amount per account is $200. Other fees (such as listing fees and refund fees) are not eligible for cashback.

Author: Nicole/eBay123

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