Sales soar! eBay launches authentic certification service for streetwear fashion!

eBay launches certification for streetwear fashion sales

eBay123 has learned that eBay recently announced the expansion of its authentication service to streetwear. Starting from June 1, streetwear will become the sixth category of items eligible for eBay’s authentication service. Previously, the platform had already expanded this service to sneakers, watches, jewelry, handbags, and trading cards.

Now, eBay will provide verification for all eligible streetwear items over $200 purchased and sold in the United States. The goods will be shipped to an advanced facility in New Jersey and examined and authenticated by a team of professionally trained appraisers.

eBay authentication experts will conduct a multi-point inspection of the items, including examining the structure, materials, labels and markings of the clothing, as well as packaging and accessories. Verified items will be accompanied by a unique authentication label with a QR code, which buyers can scan to obtain relevant verification documents.

Currently, verified brands include Aimé Leon Dore, Bape, Fear of God, Kith, Off-White, Palace, Stone Island, Supreme, and Vetements. By the end of September, eBay will expand its authentication service to other eligible brands, including Adidas, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Burberry, Cactus Plant Flea Market, Chrome Hearts, Comme des Garçons, Dior, Eric Emanuel, Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, Jordan, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Ovo, Palm Angels, Prada, Rhude, Versace and Visvim.

eBay reports that from Q4 2019 to Q4 2022, its luxury category has seen “approximately” double-digit year-over-year growth, and its authentication service has increased consumer confidence, including new plans such as brand authentication, making consumers more willing to purchase items from eBay.

Currently, there is a high demand among eBay shoppers for streetwear. In April 2023, searches for “streetwear” increased by approximately 100% compared to the previous year, with search queries for the “Supreme” brand exceeding 30 times per minute. In 2022, the best-selling streetwear brands on eBay included Bape, Fear of God, Off-White, Stone Island, and Supreme.

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