eBay International Shipping Program is gradually being promoted to international sellers! Cross-border e-commerce morning news

eBay promotes international shipping program for sellers

eBay International Shipping Program is gradually being promoted to international sellers

Recently, eBay announced that its International Shipping Program (eIS for short) is being gradually promoted to international sellers. eIS can ship your products to over 200 locations. After your product is received by eBay’s local shipping center, eBay will handle all subsequent matters. In case of refunds or returns, the seller does not need to pay for the refund. eBay will provide a free refund to the buyer, and the returned product will only be sent back to eBay’s local shipping center.

UK government considers reforming citizenship policy, requiring 8 years of continuous residency to obtain citizenship

According to a plan by the UK government, foreign citizens may have to wait longer to become UK citizens. The UK Home Office is considering extending the “continuous residency” requirement from 5 years to 8 years – this is the first step in obtaining UK citizenship and brings the UK more in line with other countries.

Leveraging Prime user growth! Amazon plans to launch free mobile phone service

According to foreign media reports, Amazon is in talks with multiple mobile operators to provide low-cost or free mobile phone services to its Prime members in the United States. Due to last year’s increase in the Prime subscription price from $119 to $139 per year, as well as facing increasingly fierce competition from Walmart, Amazon’s Prime subscription user growth has stagnated. The free mobile phone service will help Amazon attract more Prime subscribers.

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