Cross-border full insight! eBay releases 2022 Impact Report; China’s foreign trade exports grew by 108% in the first four months of this year

eBay released its 2022 Impact Report showing China's foreign trade exports increased by 108% in the first four months of this year

Platform Updates

eBay Releases 2022 Impact Report

eBay recently released its 2022 Impact Report, with the theme of “Building a More Sustainable Future”. For 25 years, eBay has adhered to the principles of fair trade and sustainable development, advocating for environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices by encouraging consumers to buy and sell second-hand goods on the eBay platform, promoting a healthier planet and economy. In the past year, eBay has made further progress in environmental, social, and corporate governance:

Through eBay for Charity, eBay raised $163 million in 2022, bringing the total amount of charitable funds raised since 2003 to $1.25 billion.

In 2022, eBay’s second-hand resale market created $4.6 billion in positive economic impact, avoiding 1.6 million tons of carbon emissions and 73,000 tons of waste (equivalent to providing electricity for more than 300,000 households for a year and the weight of more than 10,000 school buses).

In 2022, eBay donated $6.3 million to non-profit organizations through employee donations and matching donations, and an additional $3 million through eBay’s global donation program to support inclusive entrepreneurship.

eBay Refurbished Launches in 6 Major Sites

eBay Refurbished continues to lead the global second-hand goods market, and is currently available on the following six major sites: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Canada.

eBay Refurbished allows consumers to purchase brand-name products that are officially guaranteed, while meeting environmentally-friendly consumption standards. According to statistics, 65% of eBay buyers surveyed said that eBay Refurbished allowed them to purchase top-brand products with less money.

eBay Canada: Launches Authenticity Guarantee Service for Trading Cards

eBay Canada has launched its Authenticity Guarantee service for trading cards. eBay will partner with internationally renowned card grading firms CGC and CSG to authenticate trading cards with a sale price of $250 or more, at no additional cost to both buyers and sellers. Authenticated trading cards will display a blue “Authenticity Guarantee” badge. Prior to this, eBay Canada has already introduced Authenticity Guarantee service in the sports shoe category, which ensures the authenticity and reliability of genuine products, and enables buyers to conduct online transactions with more confidence.

eBay fulfillment adds a new heavy goods sales reward program from May 1st

eBay fulfillment by Orange Connex service plan adds a new “heavy goods sales reward program” from May 1st, which is the third reward program after the Australian warehouse and US warehouse reward programs announced in the second quarter of this year. eBay sellers who successfully register and participate in the program can receive up to $10,000 in rewards at each corresponding activity site.

eBay fulfillment’s heavy goods sales reward program is now launched! High rewards are waiting for you~

Market News

“Star Wars” Craze Resurges, eBay Platform Demand Surges

According to foreign media reports, Star Wars Day (May 4th) has caused sales and search volumes of Star Wars collectibles to surge on eBay. From Baby Yoda to Boba Fett, related collectibles on the eBay Canada site have seen a double-digit increase in search volume between 2021 and 2022.

Among them, Baby Yoda is the most popular character among Star Wars fans, and its sales increased by nearly 300% between 2020 and 2022. In 2023, the most searched characters on eBay Canada are The Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and droid IG-11.

Meanwhile, vintage figurines, toys, and games related to Star Wars are also popular on eBay. Among them, collectible cards – especially those released in the original trilogy theatrical versions in the 1970s and 1980s – are being sold at high prices on the eBay platform.

The global wellness economy is expected to reach a market size of $7 trillion by 2025

The Global Wellness Institute report “Global Health Economy: Beyond the COVID-19” predicts that the wellness economy will grow at an annual rate of about 10%, and the market size of the wellness economy will reach $7 trillion by 2025. The post-pandemic era has promoted the development of the wellness economy industry. The Global Wellness Institute emphasizes that due to the pandemic largely changing people’s understanding and experience of the “wellness economy,” the future development trend of the wellness economy may undergo some changes, and the original intention of wellness consumption may shift from escaping reality to self-protection, self-care, and mental health.

The Global Wellness Institute divides the wellness economy into 11 categories, including health tourism, hot springs/mineral springs, spas, healthy real estate, sports and fitness, mental health, personal care and beauty, healthcare, healthy eating, public health, and workplace health.

ecommerceDB: Fashion category has the largest share in the UK e-commerce market

According to the latest data from global research firm ecommerceDB, the UK is the fourth-largest e-commerce market in the world, with expected revenue of $166.7076 billion by 2023. The fashion category has the largest share in the UK e-commerce market, accounting for 34.1% of total e-commerce sales in the UK.

The data shows that the share of e-commerce sales in the UK has continued to grow over the past three years, especially in clothing and footwear. In 2022, the online sales of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories will account for almost one-third of the UK’s e-commerce revenue, exceeding $60 billion. In the same year, more than 45 million people in the UK will buy clothing online, and this number is expected to grow to nearly $50 billion by 2025. Predictions indicate that fashion categories’ e-commerce sales revenue will continue to rise in the UK in the next few years, and the number of e-commerce users who purchase fashion items online in the UK will also continue to increase.

In 2022, 9.4 million households in Australia will shop online

Recently, the Australian Post released the “2023 Australian Online Shopping Report.” The report shows that in 2022, about 9.4 million Australian households will shop online, with a total consumption of AUD 63.8 billion. This means that online shopping now accounts for more than 18% of all retail sales in the country. In 2022, Australians spend the most on home and gardening, reaching AUD 18.7 billion. Traditionally, this category also includes high-priced items such as furniture and electronics.

The General Administration of Customs: China’s foreign trade exports increased by 10.8% in the first four months

The General Administration of Customs announced that the total value of China’s imports and exports was CNY 13.32 trillion in the first four months of this year, a year-on-year increase of 5.8%, which is 1 percentage point faster than the 4.8% growth rate in the first quarter. Among them, exports were CNY 7.67 trillion, an increase of 10.6%; imports were CNY 5.65 trillion, an increase of 0.02%; and the trade surplus was CNY 2.02 trillion, an increase of 56.7%.

The proportion of private enterprises’ imports and exports exceeded 50%. In the first four months, the imports and exports of private enterprises were CNY 7.05 trillion, an increase of 15.8%, accounting for 52.9% of China’s total foreign trade value, an increase of 4.6 percentage points from the same period last year. The exports of mechanical and electrical products and labor-intensive products have both grown. In the first four months, China’s exports of mechanical and electrical products were CNY 4.44 trillion, an increase of 10.5%; among them, the exports of automobiles were CNY 204.53 billion, an increase of 120.3%. During the same period, labor-intensive products’ exports were CNY 1.31 trillion, an increase of 8.8%, accounting for 17.1%. Among them, the exports of clothing and clothing accessories were CNY 330.46 billion, an increase of 10.6%; and the exports of plastic products were CNY 235.15 billion, an increase of 12.6%.

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