How to operate one-piece delivery of eBay orders from UK overseas warehouse? What are the precautions?

How to do one-piece delivery of eBay orders from UK overseas warehouse? Precautions?

eBay is a popular online marketplace among UK consumers, and it holds a dominant position in the UK market. As the UK is a developed overseas city, consumers have strong purchasing power, and many cross-border e-commerce sellers are making a fortune on eBay UK. However, eBay’s policy states that the processing time for UK orders cannot exceed 2 days, and the logistics transportation promise for delivery days should not exceed 3 days, accounting for no less than 80%. If cross-border sellers ship directly from China to the UK, general logistics channels cannot meet these requirements, so many sellers choose to use one-stop delivery services from UK overseas warehouses, shipping directly from the local warehouse in the UK. #One-stop delivery service from UK overseas warehouse#

How to operate one-stop delivery service from UK overseas warehouse for eBay orders?

1. Sellers need to ship the goods in advance to the Empires Speed Logistics UK overseas warehouse. The first leg of the journey can choose cheap sea freight logistics. The seller uploads the product information to the UK overseas warehouse operating system.

2. When the goods arrive at the UK overseas warehouse, there will be dedicated warehouse personnel to count the goods. After the count is correct, the product will be recorded in the system and put on the shelf.

3. eBay sellers can check the inventory at any time through the UK overseas warehouse system and ensure that there are no problems with the inventory according to the store’s sales situation.

4. When a customer places an order in the seller’s eBay store, the seller synchronizes the order information to the UK overseas warehouse system, and the overseas warehouse personnel will prepare the product according to the order information.

5. Before the order is shipped, the warehouse staff will count the goods again. After confirming that the product and quantity are correct, they will hand over the package to the local express company station (Yodel, Royal Mail, DPD, etc.) or make an appointment for home pickup. If it is a large or extra-large product, the overseas warehouse will arrange truck delivery.

6. The courier company scans and arranges delivery to the door according to the order address.

7. Once the product reaches the address reserved by the buyer and is signed for, the order is complete. The entire eBay personal seller UK overseas warehouse shipping process is complete.

What should I pay attention to when using the UK overseas warehouse to send a single eBay order?

1. If the seller does indeed use the UK overseas warehouse, they must ensure that the item is delivered within the specified promise time of 5 working days. Because the eBay platform is strict on logistics assessment, sellers must pay attention to the processing capacity of the UK overseas warehouse and whether they can process orders and send goods in a timely manner when choosing the UK overseas warehouse.

2. Secondly, the seller cannot set the shipping cost too high, as this will directly lead to a decrease in order volume. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a UK overseas warehouse with a price advantage. If the final delivery account of the UK overseas warehouse is too expensive, it does not meet the seller’s original intention of choosing the UK overseas warehouse to send a single order on eBay.

3. When packaging the goods, it is recommended to choose a cardboard box to pack the items; for fragile items, a larger box must be chosen to ensure that shock-resistant packaging can be placed inside the box to prevent the product from being damaged. If the packaging is damaged, the delivery of the package by the logistics company may be delayed or unable to be delivered to the customer in a timely manner.

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