Amazon and eBay new product period have not received any orders, what should be done? The importance and techniques of owning a self-sustaining buyer account

No orders received for new products on Amazon and eBay How to address this? Importance and techniques for owning a self-sustaining buyer account

1. What should I do if there are no orders during the new product period?

1. At the beginning, adjust the low bid and set a budget of 20 yuan to position the product further back. This is because in the early stages, if compared to the products in front, it cannot win. It’s better to compare with those behind.

2. The price is not determined solely by the seller, but by the market.

3. Remember not to modify the product to suit your own preferences (especially pay attention to the psychological price that the customer can accept, such as if the target is more than 10 orders, then pay attention to the price range of the links with more than 10 orders).

2. No activity no e-commerce

It is not recommended to lower the price too much at the beginning. It is recommended to set the normal market price, with one lower than the cost price, one at the cost price, and one at a higher price with a higher discount. For example, if the cost is 17.99, set the price at 25.99 + 10 yuan discount. Manually target the traffic (focus on this type of traffic) and automatically inform the system.

For example, for a new product: spend $20 on advertising per day in the first month, with a probability of 55% for advertising and natural orders. In the second and third month, there will be about 2837 clicks and 10 orders. Amazon advertising suggests bidding based on your link and account weight, which is why it changes after setting. Don’t set the same price as other products in the early stages of a new product. You can choose a high selling price and a low visible price. Don’t choose categories with high bidding rates and only a few keywords. It’s important to attack search traffic and associated traffic is secondary.

Click-through rate: market traffic, market selectivity, can’t beat others, which is the reason itself.

Expensive advertising fees: 1. Choose keywords with low CPC. 2. Choose advertising formats with low CPC. Choose products whose profits can outweigh the cost of advertising.

3. What if automatic advertising has a high proportion of major keywords but no orders are received?

1. According to the actual Amazon advertising algorithm, gradually reduce the CPC bid and budget every day.

2. Open a new automatic ad with two negative keywords, and set the lower CPC for the one below (one ad focuses on one purpose).

As sellers, we all know the importance of self-sustaining accounts for product evaluation. Because it can quickly help us add reviews to our products, improve rankings, and create best-selling products. In the rapidly developing e-commerce industry today, everyone will browse the reviews of stores and know the difference between buyer shows and seller shows. If we determine that the buyer show is really good, we will be very decisive in placing an order. So what network conditions are required to achieve self-sustaining accounts?

1. Build a stable environment system:

You need a clean and stable proxy IP, build a firewall through a remote secure terminal to block the correlation of hardware parameters. For multiple accounts, you need to provide each account with an independent IP address, and the language, time zone, DNS, etc. should also be consistent with the corresponding IP address. It can simulate different device parameters, just like many computer devices, so there will be no parameter correlation problems.

2. Fingerprint browser anti-correlation:

There are fingerprint browsers such as Ads, VMlogin, houniao, juxiang, mu, and Lincoln football on the market, which can only solve the problem of correlation between cookie caches, and cannot solve the problem of hardware parameter correlation without real physical configuration. The solution is to use foreign servers and run through a remote secure terminal. You need to install a privacy plugin that can prevent Webrtc from leaking IP addresses and track HTML5 “ping”.

III. Overseas Payment Card Backend:

Overseas credit cards are also a critical part of the self-sustaining process. However, many overseas credit card segments are controlled by the platform’s risk management, which can cause order failures or cancellations. To solve the problem of payment cards, it is recommended to use one card per account. With a virtual card backend, unlimited cards can be opened, and they can be recharged for use in payment. This cost is relatively low and will not generate any associations, ensuring a high success rate for placing orders.

IV. Buyer Account Registration Resources:

The registration resources of buyer accounts (such as foreign email, address, and phone number, which can be obtained for around 4-5 yuan) as well as note weight management and order placing skills are all key factors that affect the safe and stable use of the store and buyer accounts. At the same time, it is necessary to master the skills of placing orders, simulate the real buying behavior of foreign buyers, and create differences in purchasing products and habits between different accounts. This will avoid repeated purchases of the same product or purchases from the same store.

Conclusion: Self-sustaining account evaluation is a process that requires technology, resources, and experience. It effectively reduces risks and, based on our six or seven years of experience, especially when testing our own stores, the account’s life cycle, order quantity, safe account maintenance, store control evaluation, and advertising methods must be mastered as part of the entire process and system. Testing orders blindly is not recommended. Welcome to technical exchanges.

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