The number of personal sellers on eBay Germany has increased dramatically! Second-hand goods will continue to sell hot!

Personal sellers on eBay Germany have increased dramatically, indicating continued demand for second-hand goods

eBay123 learned that eBay Germany recently reported that since exempting personal sellers from sales fees, the number of products listed by personal sellers on its platform has increased by 26%. eBay Germany has exempted personal sellers from sales fees since March 1st this year. Another positive trend is that the item transaction rate of personal sellers continues to increase.

The report stated that the number of listings in almost all product categories has increased, with particularly strong growth in electronics and collectibles. This has also resulted in a 14% increase in the number of individuals conducting transactions on since March 1st.

Oliver Klinck, General Manager of eBay Germany, said: “We hope to arouse Germans’ desire to trade by exempting sales fees, making people excited about trading, and inspiring them to sell their own things. These numbers indicate that we have established the correct incentive mechanism, and our market has become more attractive as a result. At the same time, I believe that the German e-commerce market still has huge untapped potential. The total value of personal transactions can still be greatly increased.”

eBay also observed that Germany’s digital circular economy has growth potential. Due to life pressure, consumers are buying more second-hand goods. However, a study commissioned by eBay from YouGov showed that many Germans are still afraid to buy and sell second-hand goods due to safety and trust issues.

The study found that when selling second-hand goods, sellers are most concerned about secure payment processing (74%), followed by privacy protection (68%), sales policies (61%), and delivery locations (38%).

In addition, compared to purchasing new goods, 24% of people still lack confidence in purchasing second-hand goods. German consumers believe that website security (two-thirds), payment security (74%), and authenticity guarantee (55%) are the main reasons that affect their purchase of second-hand products.

The study also found that approximately one-fifth (19%) of Germans plan to buy more second-hand or refurbished goods this year. Among them, the highest demand is for products such as books, bicycles and accessories, antiques, and collectibles.

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