Summary of Q&A for eBay Product Function Updates in Q1 2023

Q&A for eBay Product Function Updates in Q1 2023 summary

In the first quarter of 2023, eBay conducted partial product updates and received many seller inquiries about the updates. In this article, we have compiled answers to all the questions.

eBay’s International Shipping Program is gradually being promoted to international sellers

eBay is committed to reducing the pressure on sellers regarding international shipping and helping sellers focus on item sales activities. In 2022, eBay launched a new international logistics service called eBay International Shipping Service (eIS). We are now pleased to announce that eIS is gradually being promoted to international sellers.

Starting March 31, 2023, eBay will no longer support the Global Shipping Program, and all eligible international sellers will gradually join eIS. In addition, eBay International Standard Shipping will be discontinued in the second quarter of 2023.

International sellers will automatically join eIS after review

◆ Above Standard or Top Rated seller performance;

◆ Better than average service metrics;

◆ No past records of intellectual property or other infringements.

Once an account is reviewed and joined eIS, eligible items will be automatically included in eIS

◆ Items are located in the United States and listed on the US site;

◆ Items meet export requirements and are valued at no more than $2,500 (excluding taxes, duties, and shipping costs);

◆ For all countries except Canada, the chargeable weight (not actual weight) cannot exceed 44 pounds; for Canada, the chargeable weight cannot exceed 66 pounds;

◆ The length of the package cannot exceed 47 inches, and the length plus girth cannot exceed 118 inches;

◆ Items are listed in eligible categories.


What are the benefits of using eIS?

eIS can ship your items to over 200 locations. Once your item is received by the eBay local shipping center, eBay will handle all subsequent matters. If there is an issue with a refund or return, the seller does not need to pay for the refund. eBay will refund the buyer for free, and the return will only go back to the eBay local shipping center. In addition, when using eIS for shipping, the seller does not need to pay international sales fees.

Is eIS open to international sellers, including those in China?


Are all eligible sellers automatically enrolled in eIS?

Yes, eBay will review the seller’s account to determine if all criteria are met.

How do I know if I have been enrolled in eIS?

We will enroll all eligible international sellers in phases. Please check your eBay messages and personal email. Or, you can go directly to your Shipping preferences to see if you have been enrolled in the program.

What is the difference between eIS and eBay International Standard Delivery?

Both are international shipping services provided by eBay. Please note that eBay will no longer support eBay International Standard Delivery after July 1, 2023.

Where is the eBay local shipping center located?

Currently, eBay has two local shipping centers in the United States: Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA.

Are there any additional fees for eIS orders?

No, the final value fee is based on the item’s final price, plus any shipping cost charged to the buyer for shipping the item to the local shipping center (if any), and any other fees that the seller may charge the buyer. eBay will charge the buyer for international shipping fees, duties, and value-added tax (VAT), which will not be displayed on the seller’s interface.

What is the cost increase for using eIS to ship orders to other places compared to orders within the United States?

There is no need to pay international sales fees for eIS orders, which helps sellers reduce logistics costs.

Do sellers need to be responsible for customs duties?

No. eBay will predefine one of two methods for paying duties for each transaction based on the item price, weight, and the buyer’s receiving country: Duties delivered unpaid or Duties delivered paid. Under Duties delivered unpaid, the buyer needs to pay when the goods arrive in their country. Under Duties delivered paid, the buyer needs to pay the customs duties along with the payment, so there is no need to pay when the goods arrive in their country.

How is the international shipping cost calculated and charged for eIS?

eBay has an estimated international shipping cost for different locations. Please visit the following website for detailed information: Buyers need to pay all local shipping costs (if not free local shipping) and international shipping costs when making payment.

Can eIS orders be split?

Yes, if multiple items are included in the same order and the seller believes that the package will exceed the volume and weight limit, you can split the order into several packages and remember to upload all tracking numbers.

When using eIS for shipping, do I need to ship from my own overseas warehouse or stock up at eBay’s local shipping center?

The entire process is similar to a domestic transaction in the United States. Sellers only need to prepare their goods in their overseas warehouse. Upon receiving the eIS order, sellers need to ship the goods from their own overseas warehouse to eBay’s local shipping center. After the goods are received by eBay’s local shipping center, they will be shipped to the buyer’s address.

If my item listing has already provided other international shipping services, will eIS be automatically included?

According to your settings, please refer to the following scenarios:

① For item listings that provide an international shipping service “USPS Priority Mail International” and are suitable for shipping worldwide, eIS is not applicable. The item listing will only display the USPS Priority Mail International service that you provide. However, if you want to use eIS uniformly, you need to remove the existing international shipping service. In this example, you need to remove “USPS Priority Mail International”.

② For item listings that provide an international shipping service “USPS Priority Mail International” that is only applicable to the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia, and is not indicated for other locations. In this setting, eIS will be applicable for locations other than the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia, and USPS Priority Mail International will be displayed for the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. However, if you want to use eIS uniformly, you need to remove the existing international shipping service. In this example, you need to remove “USPS Priority Mail International”.

Please check your item listing and shipping policy, use the exclude location function to exclude locations that may infringe on intellectual property rights, and avoid intellectual property rights infringement.

If a buyer wants to exchange the goods received, what is the return path and do I need to resend the goods?

Under eIS, all sales are “Sold is Sold”, and buyers cannot exchange goods. eBay will request the buyer to return the goods, then refund the buyer, and the buyer needs to reorder.

What is the impact of excluding locations on using eIS?

The exclude location function has no effect on eIS. For example, if you exclude the United Kingdom, buyers in the United Kingdom cannot purchase the item, and eIS will not be automatically added.

After eIS generates an order, will the seller’s address or eBay’s local shipping center address be displayed?

eBay’s local shipping center address will be displayed.

Can eIS order customers modify their address?

Not possible. If the seller hasn’t shipped the item yet, please advise the buyer to cancel the order and place a new order with the correct address.

What seller protection does eIS have?

If the item is received by the local shipping center, eBay will provide seller protection, including removal of neutral or negative feedback and prevention of INR/SNAD defects.

What is the delivery time for eIS? Will it affect the assessment?

Once your item is received by the local shipping center, your seller standard and service metrics will not be affected by delayed delivery or attributed to eMBG cases related to international transportation. Please remember to send your item from the overseas warehouse to the eBay local shipping center on time.

Will the order system show that this is an eIS order?


Standard Promotion Posting Dynamic Advertising Fee Rate Launch

In March of this year, we launched Dynamic Advertising Fee Rates to replace Suggested Advertising Fee Rates. Previously, the suggested advertising fee rate provided the best advertising fee rate for the day the item was posted. Once adopted, the advertising fee rate was fixed, which could cause these items to be uncompetitive during the life cycle of the campaign.

To keep your ads competitive, we have introduced dynamic advertising fee rates. Dynamic advertising fee rates will automatically update the suggested fee rate based on market changes every day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Standard Promotion Posting

Is there a cap on the fluctuation of PLS dynamic advertising fee rates (Dynamic ad rate)?

If the seller does not want the advertising fee rate to exceed a certain range or budget, please set the “Ad rate cap”. The upper limit is then set by the seller. If the seller does not set an upper limit, the upper limit is the suggested fee rate for the campaign.

Should the suggested ad rate be directly replaced by the dynamic ad rate?

To be precise, the dynamic ad rate is an extension of the suggested ad rate. Once the suggested ad rate is adopted, the ad rate will remain the same and will not be automatically updated. However, the dynamic ad rate will automatically update the suggested ad rate every day based on market changes.

After switching to the dynamic ad rate, can we no longer adjust the ad rate we set?

When you set the rate to the dynamic ad rate, you do not need to input the ad rate. eBay will automatically adjust and update the ad rate based on the daily suggestions. Of course, you can continue to use a fixed rate, which requires the seller to manually enter and periodically update it.

Is there an API link to third-party platforms for the dynamic ad rate?


More product update-related questions

After each category update, how can I know which categories have been changed?

In the downloaded file, you will see the information about the category changes in “Comments” and “Action Required”. Please use filters to select all categories with changes.

Can I use the markdown promotion tool if I haven’t opened a store?

No, you cannot.

How long do I have to wait between the first and second use of markdown?

The item must have a stable price before markdown. Due to different requirements on different sites, please visit the following website for more information:

Can a seller send the same customer a coded coupon only once within 14 days, but if they find that the coupon was sent in error and stop it immediately, do they still need to wait 14 days to send it to the same customer again?

Yes. You can enable the system to automatically send out latest promotions in the newsletter, allowing the system to automatically track and send them to the appropriate buyers, which is more efficient than manual calculation.

Where can you see the performance of the newsletter?

In Seller Hub > Store > Store newsletter.

After enabling store newsletter automatic marketing, do you need to create campaigns after enabling it in order to complete automatic sending and matching?

No. eBay’s system will select new promotional activities based on the effective date of the promotion. For more information on automatic marketing messages, please visit the following website:

Using the US site as an example, how do we generally enter the deals page?

Click “Daily deals” to enter.

More information:

eBay international shipping program introduction homepage:

eBay international shipping program help page:

Standard promotional listing dynamic advertising fee rate introduction homepage:

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