How do I prevent being associated by the platform as someone who owns multiple Etsy shops?

Prevent platform from associating multiple Etsy shops with me



Although Etsy is relatively niche compared to other large cross-border e-commerce platforms, it has a higher average product unit price, a large buyer traffic, and a short repayment period, so there is no need to worry about payment delays. Many cross-border sellers have joined this platform, which has led to increasingly strict requirements for sellers. They are easily audited and suspended. However, many cross-border sellers still operate multiple shops on this platform without being audited. Today, I will share with you the method of preventing association on Etsy. If you need it, remember to click “Bookmark” for repeated learning. Of course, if you have any questions, you can contact me for mutual learning.


How to prevent association?

The first thing to pay attention to is the IP address when logging in to the Etsy store. Only one Etsy store can be logged in per IP address. If you want to log in to multiple accounts, you need to switch to different IP addresses. This is relatively easy to understand. Normally, the platform will detect the IP address when the seller logs in to the store. If the IP address is different every time you log in, the platform will audit the store as having risk. Once it enters the audit period, the store will be extremely dangerous. However, you cannot log in to multiple stores using the same fixed IP. If it is found that several seller accounts are logged in under the same IP, as long as one account has a problem, the other accounts will be affected and may be suspended. Therefore, for the safety of operating multiple accounts, it is recommended to use an independent, fixed, clean, and new IP to ensure that each account can be logged in under an IP environment that no one has used.

Next, we need to talk about the login device issue. Many cross-border sellers directly use one computer to log in to multiple Etsy stores. This is definitely problematic because the platform’s system will detect your device information, such as browser cookies, operating system, font language, and other parameters. If it is found that many accounts are operated on the same characteristic device, then these Etsy accounts will be judged to be associated. As long as one account is suspended, the other accounts will be affected to some extent. It is recommended to use a fingerprint browser for anti-association, such as Hubstudio browser, Ziniao browser, etc., which can maintain the independence of device characteristics. The fingerprint browser can create an unlimited number of Etsy login environments, and the parameters of each environment are different. With an independent IP, it is like having multiple new computers and networks. Even if the system comes to detect it, it cannot detect the association because there are too many characteristics to differentiate, so there will be no association.

The traffic on the Etsy platform is good, and the payment cycle is also fast. In the early stage, there may be a capital flow of 7-14 days, but if the store has been operating for more than half a year, basically the payment can be received the next day after the customer places an order. What does this mean? It means that if a customer places an order today and you haven’t shipped the goods yet, you can receive payment from the third-party payment platform you have bound on the second day.

However, Etsy is quite strict in reviewing the registration information when registering a store. Generally, it will review whether the registration information has been reused (you must find a reliable channel, and of course, it will be safer if you have the identity information of foreign friends yourself), whether the registration identity information meets the conditions for opening a store (for example, minors cannot apply), whether the materials are true (whether they have been processed, the platform has its own review system to screen), the social credit of the information provider (it will retrieve and compare your relevant data through social background investigation databases).

Compared with other platforms, the back-end operation of Etsy is relatively simple, and there is no need for a platform manager to review it. Everything is automatically reviewed by the platform. However, because the Etsy platform has stricter requirements for products, the products we can sell are novel, niche, and special products. Overall, compared with Amazon, Etsy is more friendly to novice sellers and will support more traffic for newly listed products.

Okay, that’s the end of today’s sharing of steps to prevent account association on Etsy. After reading the methods of how to prevent account association on Etsy, I believe everyone will protect their store accounts well. Wish you all great sales!

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Etsy is an American e-commerce website that sells handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.

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