Mastering the Golden Rules of Lazada and Shopee store operations techniques for evaluating and maintaining self-operated accounts

Learn how to run and manage your Lazada and Shopee store effectively

Running a successful store on Lazada and Shopee, the two largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, is not easy. However, if you master the following golden rules and effectively use strategies such as self-sustaining account evaluation, your store has the potential to significantly increase sales and stand out in the competition.

1. Understand your market

First, you need to understand your target market and customers. By conducting market research and data analysis, you can understand consumers’ needs, behaviors, and shopping habits, and thus provide them with the products they need and market them in ways they like.

2. Optimize your product listings

The title, description, and images of your products are all crucial because they are the first way consumers come into contact with your products. An attractive title, detailed and accurate description, and high-quality images can greatly improve your conversion rate.

3. Use Lazada’s SEO tools

Lazada’s search engine optimization (SEO) tools can help you improve your product’s ranking in search results. By optimizing keywords, your products are more likely to be discovered by more potential customers.

4. Provide high-quality customer service

Customer service is the key to e-commerce success. You need to respond promptly and effectively to consumers’ questions and concerns, handle refund and return requests, and thus win consumers’ trust and establish a good reputation.

5. Use Lazada’s marketing tools

Lazada provides various marketing tools, such as advertising and promotion tools, to help you increase product exposure and sales. Using these tools can help you more effectively attract and convert customers.

6. Self-sustaining account evaluation

Self-sustaining account evaluation is an effective store operation strategy that can increase sales by optimizing product quality and descriptions, improving store ratings, and credibility. How to achieve self-sustaining account evaluation and what to prepare for it?

(1) Evaluation Environment System

The underlying logic of the evaluation environment system is that a computer or mobile phone can store a large number of buyer accounts. The environment is independent and will not generate data correlation or leakage.

It also requires clean and stable proxy IPs. For multiple accounts, you need to provide each account with an independent IP, and the language, time zone, DNS, etc. must also be consistent with the corresponding IP. One account corresponds to one IP, so as to effectively prevent mutual correlation between data. It can simulate different device parameters, just like batch registering and placing orders on many computers.

(2) Registration Information

First-hand registration information, foreign email, address, and mobile phone numbers are resources that cost about 4-5 yuan.

(3) Payment Method

It is recommended to use one card for one account for payment cards. You can freely recharge and withdraw, batch open cards, and customize billing addresses. This cost is relatively low, and there will be no correlation.

The above are some resources and requirements on hardware. After acquiring the hardware, there are certain techniques for registering, placing orders, browsing, and adding to cart. Obtaining reviews and sales through self-raising account evaluation is the most cost-effective and effective way. Evaluation can only be done under a safe environment and pure IP to avoid being detected by platform risk control, resulting in cancellation of orders or account closure. The high survival rate of accounts and the security of the store are the goals pursued by our technical team. At present, our environment can achieve direct ordering after registering a new account, and the survival rate is over 95%. We welcome everyone to exchange and learn from each other!

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Lazada is an e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia for buying and selling products online by businesses and consumers.

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