What does Shopee、Lazada mean? What are the advantages of self-sustaining account evaluations?

Meaning of Shopee and Lazada? Advantages of self-sustaining account evaluations?

Nowadays, sellers on any platform know that sales and evaluations are very important for a store. Since buyers cannot physically touch the products, normal people shopping online will also look at the quantity and content of product evaluations. When a buyer sees a beloved product with constructive comments, they will not hesitate to place an order.

What is the meaning of Shopee and Lazada evaluations?

To put it simply, sellers use self-raised accounts to purchase items in order to obtain comprehensive service reviews from platform buyers. Specifically, the seller batches buyer accounts, enters the store to select products, and then, after receiving the product, leaves high-quality and real comprehensive evaluations of the seller himself and his products, including product quality, appearance requirements, seller service attitude, logistics, and receiving experience.

What are the benefits of evaluations?

1. Improve store credibility, create explosive products, and increase store credibility.

2. If the store’s operating indicators are too low, improve the store’s various ratings.

3. Improve product rankings and seize every flow.

4. Develop plans and participate in platform activities.

Doing evaluations can help sellers make their products more attractive to the platform more quickly, give better rankings, and make it easier for subsequent buyers to recognize their products when entering the store.

What are the evaluation conditions?

1. Set up foreign servers, establish secure terminals remotely, and disguise and block the underlying hardware parameters.

2. Overseas independent IP, recommended to use one account with one IP.

3. Overseas credit cards can be used with virtual cards to open unlimited cards in the background, with one credit card matched to one account.

4. Buyer account registration information, including foreign email, address, and phone number.

Advantages of Self-Managed Accounts:

1. The buyer account is self-managed by the seller, used for small-scale use, relatively cleaner and safer, and not endlessly brushed by service providers to earn commissions (better control over reviews, reduce risk, avoid more associated risks).

2. Technically, the use of self-managed accounts is more independent, and the environment has blocked the underlying hardware parameters. All hardware information is local and real. Through a phone or computer, an independent physical environment can be generated infinitely. Matching one account with one environment effectively reduces the associated risks, and if there is a problem with one account, the entire environment will not be affected.

3. Clean and stable proxy IPs, each account is matched with an independent IP, and the language, time zone, DNS, etc. are consistent with the corresponding IP.

4. It can simulate different device parameters, such as many computer devices.

5. First-hand registration information, including foreign email, address, and phone number, costs around 4-5 yuan per resource and has lower costs.

6. One card for one account, the virtual card background can open unlimited cards and can be recharged for payment. This cost is also relatively low and will not generate association.

Especially for supplementing orders for one’s own store, there is a whole set of processes and systems for the safety of the environment, the account’s nurturing cycle, the number of orders, ordering skills, review skills, store control over reviews, and how to open ads, etc. It is not blindly supplementing orders.

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