Shopee’s quality inspection policy is now online on all sites! Sellers Will it increase the failure rate of delivery? First release! Lazada launches AI chatbot Vietnam’s most popular social network e-commerce rankings are out

Shopee has launched its quality inspection policy online across all sites Lazada has introduced an AI chatbot Vietnamese e-commerce rankings have been released

01 Shopee’s Co-Check Policy is Now Available Across All Platforms

Sellers: Will this Increase Failed Delivery Rates?

According to Shopee, to improve the buyer’s experience, the platform’s Vietnam site has launched the “Return On Spot: Shopee Co-Check” policy for on-site inspection and safe delivery on May 19, 2023.

“Return On Spot: Shopee Co-Check” means that when the buyer receives the order package, the buyer can inspect the appearance (external conditions) of the package and the quantity of the product in the order, and check with the delivery personnel on-site without affecting the product itself*, and decide whether to accept it or not.

(*Affects on the product itself include but are not limited to opening anti-counterfeiting seals, product seals, or using/trying the product)

For orders with “Shopee Co-Check” on-site inspection, the platform will not charge sellers any additional fees. This policy aims to increase and consolidate buyer trust, improve the buyer’s experience, and increase customer traffic and sales for seller stores through this policy.

1. Order types applicable to this policy:

(1) Order time: Orders generated in Vietnam from 00:00 on May 19, 2023 (local time in Vietnam).

(2) Order amount requirements: The order amount is less than or equal to 1000000 Vietnamese dong or 50 USD, and the subtotal of the product includes the promotional price (if any), but does not include seller coupons, Shopee coupons, Shopee coins, and shipping costs.

(3) This policy does not apply to orders containing but not limited to the following products:

Fresh and frozen food, plants, automobiles

Tickets, vouchers, and services

Dairy products – eggs: tofu, butter and margarine, cheese and cheese powder, creamer, eggs, ice cream, tofu

Mobile phone category

2. Sellers can confirm whether an order is eligible under this policy by:

(1) On the 【China Seller Center >> My Orders >> Order Details】 page, check the on-site inspection information displayed as “This parcel is eligible for co-check”;

*Example shown on the buyer’s end:

Or (2) The AWB waybill information will display the on-site inspection information “This parcel is eligible for co-check”.

3. Packaging requirements for goods:

Before shipping, the seller must ensure that the goods are packaged in accordance with Shopee’s packaging standards and shipped in accordance with Shopee’s logistics policy. The shipped package must contain the following information: package waybill number, AWB waybill.

Please note:

(1) If a product in an order cannot be shipped by air, the entire order cannot be shipped by air;

(2) It is recommended that sellers print the waybill from 【China Seller Center >> My Logistics】 to ensure that the information “This parcel is eligible for co-check” or “Not eligible for co-check” is displayed, to minimize risks during transportation and delivery.

4. On-site inspection of order packages by buyers includes:

(1) Buyers can only check the appearance (external conditions) and quantity of products in the order;

(2) Buyers are not allowed to open anti-counterfeit seals, product seals, or tear product seals/AWB waybills. If the product is damaged, scratched, or the seal is broken/torn due to the buyer’s reason, the courier has the right to refuse to accept the package, and the buyer shall bear the order cost by themselves;

(3) Buyers are not allowed to use/test products or drop, damage, or scratch products during on-site inspection;

(4) If there are signs of package damage during the buyer’s inspection, incomplete during transport, due to improper delivery by the seller, or missing goods, the buyer can choose to refuse the package.

5. “Shopee Co-Check” on-site inspection order management method:

(1) For orders that apply to the on-site inspection policy, if the buyer performs on-site inspection and agrees to receive the goods, the buyer will receive the package and pay the payment to the courier (for cash on delivery orders). If the buyer does not agree to receive the goods, the buyer can inform the courier to return the entire package (including accessories, paper, shock-absorbing layer, etc.), and Shopee will handle it according to the platform’s return policy;

For orders that do not apply to the on-site inspection policy, if the order does not apply to the on-site inspection policy, the courier will not allow the buyer to perform on-site inspection. However, buyers can still return and/or refund in accordance with the platform’s general return and refund policy.

For more information on the “Shopee Co-Check” buyer’s on-site inspection policy, please refer to the Shopee Seller Learning Center >> ROS project.

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1. How does the platform control whether the buyer uses this policy reasonably to avoid additional losses to the seller?

To protect the rights and interests of sellers, Shopee has established a buyer evaluation system to protect sellers from losses caused by buyer abuse. This system is used to detect buyers with abnormal behavior, and buyers who abuse the return policy will be strictly restricted.

2. What benefits can the “Shopee Co-Check” buyer’s on-site inspection policy bring to sellers?

This policy can attract more high-quality buyers for sellers, while promoting overall sales growth of the seller’s store and improving the buyer’s shopping experience.

02 Southeast Asia’s first!

Lazada launches e-commerce AI chatbot LazzieChat

It has been reported that Lazada Group has launched LazzieChat, Southeast Asia’s first e-commerce AI chatbot supported by OpenAI ChatGPT in Azure OpenAI services.

LazzieChat can respond to user inquiries, serving as a personal shopping assistant, providing personalized advice and product recommendations, and helping to optimize the shopping experience for users. Currently, the service is available in Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

“Lazada is one of the first Southeast Asian e-commerce companies to integrate ChatGPT from Azure OpenAI services into our chatbots. As part of our ongoing investment in technology to build high-quality digital ecosystems, we are pleased to offer LazzieChat to our users,” said Howard Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Lazada Group.

“With the help of technology, the online shopping journey becomes more dynamic. We hope to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping by providing consumers with a high-quality experience they love, and to create value for brands and sellers that can leverage new technologies to reach a wider audience. We believe that artificial intelligence will drive new developments and make online shopping and sales an everyday activity for everyone.”

“By combining the scale and functionality of Microsoft Azure OpenAI services with Lazada’s broad consumer coverage, this collaboration will transform the shopping journey for Lazada’s customers, sellers, and brands. We are pleased to help Lazada embrace a new era of retail innovation. By adopting artificial intelligence, Lazada will provide personalized recommendations, enhance customer experience, provide faster customer assistance, and change the purchasing experience in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Diomedes Kastanis, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Asia Pacific.

LazzieChat is particularly useful for fast-moving consumer categories such as fashion and beauty, which are among the largest product categories on Lazada.

Brands and sellers on the Lazada platform can also benefit from LazzieChat, as it helps to increase product awareness and is available around the clock.

LazzieChat utilizes Lazada’s own artificial intelligence technology and platform, supplemented by natural language capabilities from Azure OpenAI services. It can naturally understand and respond to queries, and suggest related products or topics that users may be interested in. It can also directly search for product descriptions and links available on Lazada in the chat console, so that users can quickly and conveniently receive notifications and shop with confidence.

LazzieChat is named after Lazada’s mascot Lazzie, and offers an English version in Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia markets, with an Indonesian version also available. More language versions will be launched at the appropriate time.

03 Vietnam’s most popular e-commerce platforms on social networks list released

Recently, Reputa released a list of the most popular e-commerce platforms on social networks in Vietnam for April.

Among them, Shopee ranked first with a score of 91.74, with a total score increase of 12.27% compared to the previous month;

Although Lazada slightly declined by 3.2% compared to March, it still ranked second with a score of 35.77.

Following them were Tiki (12.97 points), TikTok Shop (11.47 points), and Sendo (11.38 points).

According to the Vietnam E-commerce Association’s (Vecom) earlier released Vietnam E-commerce Index (EBI) 2023 report, it is expected that Vietnam’s e-commerce will maintain a growth rate of over 25% and reach 20 billion USD by 2023.

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