Tips for Increasing Sales and Boosting Store Rankings for Meicai Duo, Lazada, and Shopee Sellers

Tips for boosting sales and store rankings on Meicai Duo, Lazada, and Shopee

Running and establishing a competitive store on cross-border e-commerce platforms is not easy. As a highly influential platform, Meicke Duo requires sellers to study carefully and operate meticulously. Here, I will share some tips that I have summarized during my self-operated process, which can help increase sales and improve store ranking.

First, we need to understand the ranking algorithm. In simple terms, this algorithm determines the ranking of a product in search results based on factors such as product sales, product reviews, seller service, and product relevance. Therefore, our goal is to do well in these areas.

First, increase product sales. Sales are one of the important factors in ranking. To increase sales, we need to pay attention to the price, quality, and market demand of the product. First of all, the price should be reasonable, not too high or too low. If it is too high, the product will lose its competitiveness, and if it is too low, consumers may doubt the quality of the product. Secondly, the quality of the product must pass. This can not only increase consumers’ willingness to purchase but also help obtain good reviews, thereby improving ranking.

Second, obtain good product reviews. Consumers usually check the product reviews before purchasing. Therefore, we need to actively interact with consumers, solve their problems, and encourage them to leave good reviews. Of course, the most important thing is that our products and services must meet the needs of consumers, so as to obtain their good reviews.

Third, provide high-quality seller services. This includes responding quickly to consumer inquiries, solving their problems, and providing fast and reliable delivery services. By providing high-quality services, we can establish a good business image and increase consumer trust.

Fourth, improve product relevance. When uploading products, we need to pay attention to using the correct keywords and ensure that the product description and images accurately reflect the characteristics and advantages of the product. In this way, when consumers search for related products, our products are more likely to appear in the search results.

For sellers, evaluation is a low-cost and high-return promotion and marketing method, which plays a certain auxiliary role in product traffic, conversion rate, keyword quality score, and link weight. So, what are the conditions for achieving self-sustaining evaluation for your own store?

(1) You need a clean and stable proxy IP. For multiple accounts, you need to provide each account with an independent IP, and the language, time zone, DNS, etc. should be consistent with the corresponding IP.

(2) You need to be able to simulate different device parameters, such as many different computer or phone devices.

(3) The environment is independent and there is no data association or leakage.

(4) First-hand registration information, foreign email, address, and mobile phone number are resources that cost about 4-5 yuan each.

(5) It is recommended to use one card for one account. With virtual card background, you can open unlimited cards and recharge for payment. The cost is relatively low and there is no association.

Using keywords for search, after comparing three stores, enter the user’s store, browse for at least 3 minutes, and ensure that you have viewed the detailed product description before placing an order for purchase;

Compared to other methods, self-sustaining is relatively low-cost and you can do it anytime, anywhere. Although it seems simple, it takes time and effort to practice, especially when evaluating your own store. You must understand the entire process and system, including the account’s lifespan, the number of orders, how to safely sustain the account, how to control evaluations, and how to advertise your store. Blindly testing orders will not work.

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