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Yesterday, Similarweb, a data analysis website, released the desktop and mobile visitation data for various Southeast Asian e-commerce platforms in May 2023, as follows:

01 | “Recovery” delayed, total volume drops by 2% compared to last month

Overall, the total visitation of Lazada/Shopee websites (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam) in May was 657 million, down 2% from last month’s 670 million. This number was positive at 3.1% last year.

This means that the visitation data for the two platforms in May last year had begun to trend upward, welcoming the arrival of the peak season in the second half of the year. However, this good sign did not appear this May.

Among them, the total visitation of Lazada websites was 209.9 million, a decrease of 4.8% from last month; the total visitation of Shopee websites was 447.1 million, a decrease of 0.6% from last month;

The data shows that in May, the visitation data for both platforms in the Thai and Vietnamese markets increased, while other sites performed poorly.

Additionally, although Lazada Singapore’s month-on-month growth rate exceeded 10% (11.8%), it still did not surpass Amazon. This is also the first time that Lazada Singapore’s visitation data has been lower than Amazon for two consecutive months.

Last month, Amazon Singapore and its partners launched a buy-now-pay-later service, but its effectiveness has not yet been evident.

02 | No improvement for local platforms either

Similar to the performance of Lazada and Shopee platforms, the data performance of various local/international e-commerce platforms is also not good. Although some have achieved growth, it cannot be explained due to the small base number.

In the Indonesian site, Tokopedia, a local e-commerce platform, saw a 2.6% decrease in traffic from April to May, from 109.2 million in April to 106.4 million in May; while another local platform, Bukalapak, saw a 12.3% increase in traffic from April to May, from 15.4 million in April to 17.3 million in May;

In the Vietnamese site, Tiki, a local e-commerce platform, saw a 1.1% decrease in traffic from April to May, from 8.8 million in April to 8.7 million in May; while another local platform, Sendo, remained unchanged at 1.4 million;

In the Singapore site, Qoo10 saw an 11.8% increase in traffic from April to May, from 1.7 million in April to 1.9 million in May; while Amazon’s traffic remained unchanged at 5.9 million from April to May.

In addition, Shopee Taiwan site saw a 4.1% decrease in traffic from 73.1 million in April to 70.1 million in May, while Shopee Brazil site saw a 4.2% increase in traffic from 68.8 million in April to 71.7 million in May.

03 | Other Data

The average visit duration, number of pages per visit, bounce rate, and other data for each platform are as follows:







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