Urgent certification! If Lazada Vietnam sellers do not submit in a timely manner, their goods may not be able to be sold!

Urgent certification required for Lazada Vietnam sellers or they may not be able to sell their goods

The government’s regulation aims to protect consumers’ rights and safety. This is especially important for imported products, which may be counterfeit or unsafe. Therefore, Lazada sellers are required to provide appropriate documents to prove the origin and source of these products before May 19, 2023 on the e-commerce platform so that government regulatory agencies and consumers can better understand and identify the quality and safety of these products.


Popular categories are included in the list of regulated categories

Many popular categories are included in the list of products that require certification. The following is a list of materials that need to be provided.

  • Men’s Care

  • Personal Care

  • Facial Care

  • Functional Foods

  • Sexual Health Assistance

  • Children’s Health Care

  • Bath and Body Care

  • Pregnancy Care

  • Formula Milk and Complementary Foods

    Many categories on this list were previously best-selling categories in Vietnam. If this certification is enforced, many sellers will not be able to sell these products.

How can sellers determine whether their products need to be certified and how to submit them? When posting a product, the option “Trình độ chuyên môn” will appear when selecting a product category on the restricted product list. Sellers need to enter and provide information. Document 1: Cosmetic product declaration Document 2: Authorization letter or customs declaration or contract or value-added tax invoice According to the requirements, submit the materials, complete all product information, and click “Submit”. The product status will change to “Waiting for review”. The Lazada team will review the documents provided by the seller and provide the review/refusal results within 5 working days after creating the product. Products that have passed the review will be displayed on the platform for customers to purchase automatically. For rejected products, sellers can check the “Failed” section in the product management-violation option tab, click “View Details” to understand the reason for refusal, or select “Edit” to adjust the document information. If sellers publish products in batches, controlled products will be located in the product management-draft option tab. Sellers need to supplement complete documents for each product to obtain display approval.

According to local Vietnamese sellers, the most critical requirement for providing documentation is the FDA file. Sellers should prepare the materials promptly to avoid situations where goods can not be sold.


This regulation is also a challenge for sellers. This requires the platform to establish a complete supply chain management system, including the audit and management of seller options, as well as monitoring and evaluation of suppliers. At the same time, the platform also needs to strengthen communication with government regulatory agencies and consumers, responding to their concerns and issues in a timely manner. For sellers on the Lazada platform, it may increase some costs and workload, but it will also help improve consumers’ shopping experience and trust, enhance the sustainable development of the e-commerce industry.

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