2023 Russian local e-commerce platform Ozon’s detailed process for opening a store and settling in, explained

Explanation of the process for opening a store and settling in on Russian e-commerce platform Ozon in 2023

****01 Registration****

Platform registration requires a business license for the company. If you are a sole proprietorship, please first establish a company. Sole proprietorships cannot register on our platform. (1) Enter the registration page of the official website for registration. *When filling in the fields, only use Latin letters. Go to the login page and click register. (2) Set your Ozon ID or login (if you already have an Ozon ID): Select the code for China (+86). When entering the mobile phone number, the “+” sign will be automatically added, and then click login. WeChat: DoudoukuaJ

If you use China Mobile, please ensure that you can receive SMS and phone calls from abroad. Please contact China Mobile to enable this feature for your SIM card. Afterwards, you can reapply for the verification code. Sometimes the message is not immediately delivered. If you have not received the message, please click “Get new verification code”.

(3) Enter your email address, and then click get verification code. You will receive a verification code sent to that address. Copy the verification code and paste it into the corresponding field. *Please do not use email addresses with the suffix *.co or *.su, otherwise we cannot register it in the system. (4) You will receive another verification code (by SMS or phone call) sent to the mobile phone number you previously specified. Enter it and click register. (5) Add the first name and last name in English, then click create a new company. (6) In the “Complete Registration” window, select China/Hong Kong (depending on the registered address of the business license) as the registered country/region. (7) Registration number: Chinese license: Enter the Unified Social Credit Code on the business license. Hong Kong license: Enter the CR registration certificate number. *Note: All the following information must be filled in English. (8) Legal organization name: Provide the legal name of your company (you can refer to the English name on QCC). Please note that the enterprise name entered must be in English, otherwise it will not pass the audit. (9) Store name: Enter the store name that buyers can see. You can change the store name later in the personal center settings. (10) Main product category: Select the main product type you want to sell on Ozon. Please select the product category you are mainly engaged in. After passing the audit, you can sell products in other categories in the same store. For prohibited product categories, please refer to the following document: zllp.myyvko._keks_wiycdk/rdyezypwkviol.yw?ni=w?g?sl.y.p?o=rdaorl?ckw=?.y (11) Make sure that the email field contains the email address you want to use to communicate with Ozon. Then click submit. 02 How to pass enterprise certification After completing the initial information, you will enter the Ozon seller background. Please click the avatar icon in the upper right corner to enter the seller information page. You need to complete the information content marked with an exclamation mark on the left. All information should be filled in English. (1) Company information Please fill in the following fields in the Company information section: Company’s full name: The name indicated in the company registration document. Please fill in this column in English. (You can refer to the English name on QCC) Country and city: The information in the column should be filled in according to the information in your company registration document. You can select your country and city from the drop-down list. If your country and city are not in the drop-down list, you can manually fill in this column. *After confirming the country, it cannot be changed. If you want to change the country after saving the settings, you need to re-register. Address: You can only fill in the street name and house number in the column, without specifying the country, province, region, and city information. Please fill in this column in English, with a maximum of 50 characters. (2) Company documents This is a required field. You need to upload the file in the personal center “Company documents” section, otherwise you will not be able to submit the audit application. In the “Company documents” section, Chinese sellers only need to submit business licenses, and Hong Kong licenses need to scan BR and CR together. Please scan the business license into a PDF file and upload it in the second column on this page. The business scope provided by the enterprise’s business license must include “sales” or “trade”, otherwise it will not pass the audit. Details of documents required by Chinese sellers: *The size of each file must not exceed 32MB (3) Payment account information ! Important! You need to fill in the main fields in the Payment details section: Account number – Currently only supports the enterprise Lianlian account corresponding to the settled company, not allowing legal person/other personal Lianlian accounts!!! Currency – The mutual settlement currency determined in the Ozon commission agreement. USD/CNY * After determining the settlement currency, it cannot be changed !!! * After the Lianlian wallet link is passed, in the payment method-account confirmation module click “Send for review”

****03 Account Verification Pending****

Afterwards, you will receive an email for legal person facial recognition verification. After the facial recognition is passed, the account will enter the verification stage. Please open the seller background in a timely manner to check the verification progress during the review period, and the reason for the verification failure can be viewed in the seller background.

****04 Acceptance of Contract****

When the account passes the verification and enters the background, a platform contract window will appear. You can click the English option to learn more about the platform rules. If you accept the platform terms, please click the “Accept Contract” button in the lower right corner. Only by accepting the contract can you list products! The contract proposal is the agreement between your company and Ozon. Without a contract proposal, we will be unable to sell your products and pay you compensation. Please read and accept the contract proposal. 1. Go to the personal center and open the contract proposal panel. 2. Study the contract proposal. Click the “Next” button to move to the next section. 3. Click “Accept the Offer”. Congratulations on successfully opening a shop! We welcome the opportunity to grow with you!

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