New product traffic golden period, how do sellers use evaluations to do well on OZON?

How can sellers use evaluations to do well on OZON during the golden period of new product traffic?

For sellers familiar with OZON, it should be clear that OZON tends to favor new products, especially during the first 2-4 weeks after they are listed. Your product will be displayed more in search results and rank faster than usual.

This period is also known as the golden period of new product traffic. How can sellers make the most of this period to maximize their results? Here are some suggestions.

During the support period after a new product is launched, OZON’s search engine promotes new products based on keyword and hot search information, as well as “bought also bought” and “viewed also viewed” information. If there are a large number of users clicking and buying your product during this time, OZON will increase the traffic to your new product. Increased sales drive rankings, and higher rankings bring more traffic, leading to more orders, which creates a virtuous cycle.

When potential buyers are directed to the product page, the first thing sellers pay attention to is the product’s reviews. When buyers see more reviews, they view it as a symbol of a best-selling product that more consumers prefer. Most buyers have a herd mentality, so on the platform, products with reviews will sell better, even if someone else’s price is significantly higher.

The benefits of a good product review do not stop there. The number of good reviews a seller has on OZON directly affects the listing’s ranking in search results. Listings with more reviews generally rank higher in search results, and these sellers typically have 30% to 50% higher sales than ordinary sellers.

In certain specific situations, we do not refuse to use manual intervention methods to increase orders and sales, but we must ensure the safety of our store as much as possible.

By increasing the sales volume and ranking of products under the promotion of product discounts, and by building a foreign IP environment, registering buyer accounts, nurturing them, and placing orders, we can not only bring traffic and sales, but also improve ozon’s evaluation of your products. When your ranking goes up, the free tilt of the support period will be even greater.

Veterans in cross-border e-commerce all know that evaluation has always been the most effective and fastest way to promote exposure. By making some sales for your own products, optimizing the listing, leaving some high-quality reviews, and even suppressing the competition, you can help your own products out of a predicament.

So, what environment is needed to nurture accounts:

1. A real network environment, including IP, hardware and software (foreign pure residential IP)

2. Receiving address channel (real buyer address)

3. The email and mobile phone number required to register the account (real buyer registration information)

4. Credit card backend or gift card used for payment

If you have these four resources, you have all the hardware conditions to build a self-nurturing evaluation system.

Nowadays, whether it is ozon, Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, Lazada or eBay and other platforms in cross-border e-commerce, obtaining sales and good reviews through self-nurturing evaluation is the most cost-effective and effective way. Welcome to exchange technology!

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