How to open a store on OZON? What documents are required and what are the advantages of entering?

Opening a store on OZON documents needed and benefits

Ozon was founded in 1998 and is a B2C cross-border e-commerce platform based in Russia. It is also the largest online retailer in Russia, known as “Russia’s Taobao” or “Russia’s Amazon”. This shows the status of OZON in the minds of Russian buyers, similar to China’s Taobao. Compared with other platforms, Ozon has a richer sales category. Since its launch, OZON has always occupied the first place in the Russian B2C platform field. It is the only multi-category comprehensive e-commerce platform in the Russian domestic market and the fourth largest e-commerce market platform in Europe.

Store Registration Information

1. Business License: Individual industrial and commercial households and sole proprietorship enterprises cannot register. The business scope must include sales, trade, import and export, or retail (check on Qichacha or the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System).

Note: Multiple companies with the same legal person can only register one store.

2. Payment tool: Enterprise Lian Lian is the only payment tool currently supported by the platform. Register with corporate information and a public account. Personal OZON cannot be used. Apply for an ozon USD or RMB receipt card number (not bound to an ozon store) (Hong Kong companies can only choose USD payment).

3. Email: 163, QQ mailbox, etc. with a com suffix (not bound to an ozon store). Phone number: not bound to ozon.

4. Legal person’s ID card (video authentication of legal person required). The legal person needs to cooperate with facial recognition.

Now the platform has strict reviews, and business licenses with risks are likely to fail the OZON review (check on Qichacha), such as: legal proceedings or administrative penalties, judicial risks, historical risks, or the company is in the liquidation stage.

OZON’s six advantages

1. Wide local audience: Over 100 million Russian consumers use OZON for shopping.

2. Large logistics coverage: OZON’s logistics covers over 130 cities, 2100 locations, and 75% of the local population.

3. High local market share: OZON holds a market share of 62% in the Russian e-commerce market, with a GMV growth rate of 144%.

4. High brand recognition: Due to its comfortable shopping experience, OZON has received high ratings among Russian consumers.

5. Low operation threshold: The platform offers flexible working hours, allowing stay-at-home moms, students, and part-time workers to participate.

6. Standardized platform: The platform has fewer sellers, higher profits, and does not require annual fees or deposits.

OZON is currently open for domestic sellers for recruitment starting from March, and offers support policies for new sellers. The platform is rapidly developing and has fewer sellers, similar to AliExpress in 2016, making it a challenge but also a rare opportunity for new sellers to join.

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Ozon is a Russian e-commerce platform with a wide range of products and services for online shoppers.

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