Advance Payment OZON Shop’s Flexibility Payment Guide

OZON Shop's Flexibility Payment Guide - Advance Payment

When doing cross-border e-commerce, besides understanding whether the platform is good or not, the next most important thing is about the platform’s payment issues, after all, this is closely related to one’s wallet (profits).

Compared to OZON’s cross-border store, the payment methods for local stores are more flexible. In addition to the regular monthly payment on the 15th and 25th of each month, local sellers can also choose the flexible payment method, which means that revenue can be withdrawn every day. However, this flexible payment method will incur certain fees.

However, flexible payment is not something you can open at will. OZON platform will evaluate the store’s daily situation before determining whether to allow the store to open the flexible payment method. The following conditions must be met:

Requirements for opening flexible payment

Resident of the Russian Federation

Have a main account with a Russian bank

Operate on OZON for more than three months according to the commission agreement

No valid implementation contracts, agents, and other agreements

Rarely receive buyer refunds

Have stable business – OZON will check according to many standards, but specific requirements are not disclosed to the public

****How to activate flexible payment****

Method 1:

In the seller’s background personal center, click on “Finance-Balance”

Check the available payment amount and fees for the service agreement

If the conditions are met, the service can be activated

Method 2:

In the seller’s background personal center, open “Settings-Contracts”, check the service agreement, and activate the flexible payment service. If the conditions are met, the service can be activated.

Method Three:

In the seller’s background personal center, click to go to Finance → Flexible Payment Plan, and a page will be opened to describe the common problems about the Flexible Payment Plan in detail. If you agree to these terms, click on the link service. If the conditions are met, the service can be activated.

How to view detailed information of flexible payments

In the personal center background, click to view Finance-Flexible Payment page, where you can see:

· Flexible payment date and amount

· Current balance

· Withdrawal status:

Pending payment – the payment will be received within 1-2 working days

Payment made – the bank has confirmed the payment and the funds have been transferred to the account

Refund – the payment has been refunded to the individual account balance, which is mostly due to incorrect information being filled out

Rejected – unable to transfer funds, this is mostly due to incorrect information being filled out

If you need to view information for a specific time period, you can manually filter the time period.

Even if the Flexible Payment Plan has been activated, it is still possible that the platform payment cannot be received. The reasons for this are summarized as follows:

The store did not have sales yesterday

The information has not been changed according to the platform prompts, so the platform cannot make payments

The platform judges that the store sales are unstable and forces a change in the return method

The normal working state of the Flexible Payment Plan is to pay the sales amount one day before payment. If the sales are generated from Friday to Sunday, the settlement transfer will be made until the following Monday.

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