What is OZON’s FBP shipping mode? What are the precautions for OZON beginners?

OZON's FBP shipping mode and beginner precautions?

Recently, OZON has been receiving a lot of attention, and there have been various inquiries about this platform in the private messages of Dong Ge’s backstage. This includes inquiries about OZON’s FBP mode. Many fans do not fully understand this shipping mode, so Dong Ge is here today to answer this question and give everyone a brief introduction to OZON’s FBP shipping mode.

What is OZON’s FBP shipping mode?

OZON’s FBP mode will establish a pre-warehouse in China and uniformly arrange for the goods to be transported to Russia before being distributed one by one to the buyers. This method can shorten the transportation cycle of goods, improve the speed of delivery to buyers, and enhance the shopping experience. This not only directly promotes sales growth but also reduces the order repayment cycle for sellers.

Before the introduction of this shipping mode, as everyone knows, OZON’s logistics method had certain shortcomings. Whether it was self-shipping or using OZON’s cooperative logistics, there were problems with timeliness and stability, which put cross-border sellers at a disadvantage compared to local sellers. However, the introduction of FBP mode will reduce the gap in timeliness and delivery stability, provide more reliable guarantee for the delivery of cross-border goods, and further increase the volume of orders.

In addition, OZON did not simply define FBP mode as official collective transportation, but optimized the entire process. Through system docking, the return process has also been simplified, effectively reducing the pressure on cross-border sellers in terms of shipping and returns.

Regarding the issue that everyone is very concerned about: “Which logistics company will undertake OZON’s FBP mode?” At the seller conference on April 25th, OZON announced that its main logistics partner is JD Logistics. JD Logistics’ timeliness in China is very reliable, so it is believed that it can also play an efficient and stable role in the subsequent delivery of OZON orders.

Notes for beginners on Russian OZON

1. Withdrawal limit: In order to make a withdrawal, you need to achieve a sales volume of $1000 and can only withdraw twice a month.

2. Language and cultural barriers: Russian culture and language may cause some difficulties for you. The Chinese translation on the OZON website may contain errors, making it harder to understand. Compared to platforms like Amazon, OZON’s translation system may not be as advanced.

3. Account security: Account security has always been an important topic in cross-border e-commerce, especially for merchants who operate a store group. You can consider using fingerprint browser tools like adspower to prevent account association. In addition, fingerprint browsers can also perform one-click arrangement and synchronization operations through window synchronization to save a lot of trouble.

4. Requirements for local stores: If you want to open a local store on Russian OZON, you need to have your own overseas warehouse and prepare your products in advance in the warehouse. This can better meet the needs of local buyers.


Above are the notes on FBP shipping mode on OZON that Dongge wanted to share with you today. OZON is now in a good stage of development, but it doesn’t mean that you can become rich overnight by joining it. No matter what industry, we need to be down-to-earth, constantly learn and progress to keep up with the times. Therefore, if you want to engage in cross-border e-commerce on Russian OZON, you must consider it carefully, learn various knowledge in advance, and make sufficient preparations.

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