2023 Southeast Asia Shopee Settles and Opens Stores Detailed Explanation

Details on Shopee's 2023 settlement and store openings in Southeast Asia

1. Cost of joining Shopee

There is no service fee for joining Shopee, but after opening a store, a deposit of 3,000 RMB is required as a seller guarantee.

The deposit will be refunded if the store confirms its withdrawal later.

What are the requirements for registering and certifying a Shopee store?

Verification of the legal person’s identity: Submit the legal person’s ID card photo and record a small video for facial recognition as required.

The original photo of the business license of a Hong Kong or Mainland China limited company or individual business license (copies are also acceptable), and the photo information must be clear and complete.

The order flow screenshot of domestic or foreign e-commerce platform stores within the past three months, along with corresponding store links (if the seller has a business license, you can choose traditional foreign trade, traditional domestic trade, or no experience for past operation experience, and no order flow screenshot or store link is required).

Other relevant materials for authenticity (you can proactively submit them elsewhere or submit them according to review requirements).

Special note:

According to Shopee’s latest investment and entry policy, individual businesses need to provide the e-commerce platform store link registered and opened by the individual business license, as well as the transaction flow screenshot of e-commerce within the past three months.

If a limited company business license is used for registration, according to the current investment policy, you can enjoy free entry without providing an order flow, but you must choose “no experience/traditional domestic trade/traditional foreign trade” based on your actual situation in the “past e-commerce experience” position, and only select the Taiwan site for the first opening.

How to choose a site?

Cross-border e-commerce sellers can choose the following sites for their first station: Philippines, Malaysia, or Brazil.

For domestic e-commerce sellers, the first station can be selected from: Philippines site / Malaysia site / Taiwan site

For traditional domestic/foreign trade/inexperienced sellers, the first station can be selected: Taiwan site

What are the main categories of products that Shopee recruits?

Shopee is a mobile e-commerce platform loved by consumers of all ages. Categories such as clothing, accessories, beauty, maternity and baby, home decoration, and popular shoes and bags are always popular among female users, while 3C digital products, men’s clothing, outdoor products, and other categories are loved by male users. In addition, niche categories such as stationery and pet supplies are also gradually emerging.

Special reminder:

Phone verification may be required during the review process, so please ensure that your phone is accessible for follow-up calls.

Repeated registration or providing false materials will result in rejection of the application and re-application will not be accepted.

WeChat: 15968841930

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