Good news! Shopee is going to give its employees a raise, and the reason is surprisingly

Shopee employees to receive raise, unexpectedly

On May 8th, it was announced that the parent company of Shopee, Dong Hai Group, will give most of its employees a 5% raise. Founder of Dong Hai Group, Li Xiaodong, stated that the company has already achieved self-sufficiency because its current funds are increasing every quarter instead of decreasing, which exceeds the goal set last year. In March of this year, Dong Hai Group announced its first quarterly profit in its approximately 14-year history. Li Xiaodong stated at the time that this marks a turning point for the company, and the worst period is over. The raise at Shopee’s parent company indicates that the company’s business will continue to grow, bringing more sales and business cooperation opportunities to sellers in the future. A report from data research company also shows that Shopee will maintain strong vitality and competitiveness in the market in 2023.

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According to data analysis website Similarweb’s data on various e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia (desktop + mobile) in March 2023, Shopee’s market share is still impressive in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and other sites, firmly holding its position as the leader in the Southeast Asian market. Among them, the growth rate of Vietnam’s first-quarter traffic has been continuously increasing, reaching 14.8%. According to a report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Vietnam’s economy will grow by 6.6% this year, continuing to lead the top 5 economies in Southeast Asia. According to a report from data research company, Shopee’s market share in the first quarter of 2023 accounted for 63.1% of the total revenue of the Vietnamese e-commerce market, reaching 247 trillion Vietnamese dong (1.05 billion US dollars). This shows that Shopee’s market performance has surpassed other e-commerce platforms operating in the Vietnamese market. According to Shopee’s data, by 2022, Vietnamese buyers spent more than 37 million hours interacting with sellers on Shopee Live, leaving more than 268 million product and seller reviews on the platform. This indicates that Shopee’s user experience and reputation have been recognized and trusted by consumers, and sellers can use this to improve their brand image, increase loyalty, and user stickiness. Meanwhile, Shopee Vietnam has opened its own logistics channel, SLS, to overcome the biggest pain point of e-commerce development in Vietnam – logistics. This is Shopee’s supplement to offline services and a breakthrough point for occupying the leading position. In addition, Shopee has launched multiple services in Vietnam, such as ShopeePay and ShopeeExpress, to reach more users in various scenarios and improve the buyer’s experience. It must be said that Shopee is thriving in Vietnam and has an absolutely advantageous market position. Tran Tuan Anh, CEO of Shopee Vietnam, shared: “Vietnam has just ended its initial stage, and we still have many opportunities to bring the benefits of e-commerce to more people. In 2023, e-commerce will continue to play an important role in people’s lives. We hope to help sellers better understand consumer behavior, lay the foundation for a flexible digital ecosystem, and enable sellers to reach more consumers in the future.”

0 2 Shopee Takes Multiple Measures to Promote Economic Growth In April, Shopee held a localization and fulfillment service provider launch conference in Shenzhen, where strategic plans were proposed to address issues such as shop theft, unsafe remittances, and language/cultural barriers for managers. This further controls fake local stores, promotes operational compliance and standardization. For sellers, by using cross-border entities to open shops and flexible selection of logistics modes, they can solve the problem of fund security, shorten the fulfillment time, and obtain lower commissions and safer official refunds, which is of great significance for increasing their sales and building the platform’s brand image. Shopee is not only focusing on the big picture, but also making every effort to help sellers. Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam have all launched a new feature of “one store, multiple shipments, dynamic locking of inventory”, which can help sellers manage inventory more efficiently and improve logistics efficiency. It is reported that Shopee Thailand continues to invest in marketing activities and seller tools, and uses cross-border sales and on-site sales to maintain growth momentum in economic challenges. It can be seen that Shopee has made heavy efforts in various aspects of the platform this year. On the one hand, it strengthens platform operations compliance and standardization; on the other hand, it strengthens infrastructure construction and continues to promote self-operated logistics and local fulfillment projects. 03 Shopee Official Assistance, Accelerating Layout After the market gradually recovers, fashion, beauty, personal care, and department store goods in Southeast Asia have become the most popular categories for consumers. Among them, the clothing and beauty categories are particularly outstanding. Data shows that currently about 70% of consumers in Southeast Asia choose to consume on clothing e-commerce platforms, and the e-commerce penetration rate of the beauty category has also reached 65%. It is understood that the household appliance category in the Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand markets has a higher unit price in Southeast Asia, obvious brand premium, and significant on-site and off-site marketing effect. As summer approaches, sellers can also seize the market demand for refrigeration appliances, seize the opportunity to lay out local warehouses, and better meet the high-speed outbreak period from May to September. However, the existing playing methods in the Chinese market are fundamentally different from those in the Southeast Asian market, and there will be many unique and niche consumer needs and interactive games. Many sellers have tried various adjustments and optimizations from various dimensions such as advertising investment, product selection, and operation, but the final conversion effect is not satisfactory.

On May 24th, the Shopee official cross-border team will assist sellers in smoothly entering the peak season with a focus on many themes such as “how new sellers can win in 2023,” “industry experts sharing e-commerce opportunities,” and “multiple official category managers focusing on four major categories, easily mastering emerging consumer trends.” In addition, Shopee advertising experts will appear in the live broadcast room to explain the Shopee on-site and off-site advertising techniques and help with traffic diversion. Through these sharing and exchanges, sellers can learn from each other and find more innovative ideas and business opportunities, in order to maximize business profits on the Shopee platform.

At the same time, the Shopee official live broadcast room has a 24-hour speedy admission channel, with incentives of up to $5,000 for new sellers, and provides freight subsidies, advertising rebates, free withdrawals, and big promotion flash sale slots and other comprehensive resources to support sellers in easily going global.

By watching the live broadcast, you can 100% unconditionally obtain the official explosive order operation package, participate in 10+ rounds of surprise lucky draws, and win prizes such as massive advertising funds, a 43-inch Xiaomi TV, and a Huawei Nova phone!

This is an era of successive opportunities, but also an era of fleeting opportunities. This Shopee official live broadcast has prepared a wealth of opportunities and resources, and welcomes all sellers to join! Click to schedule the May 24th official live broadcast room and welcome new peak season opportunities and challenges together.

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Shopee is a popular e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan for buying and selling products through its mobile app and website.

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