Shopee’s COD return policy has been updated and has taken effect this month

Shopee's COD return policy updated this month

BusinessDialogue learned that Shopee recently announced an update to their return policy. Buyers who choose the “Cash on Delivery (COD)” method can now return the product directly if they find that it does not match the description when inspecting it face-to-face. The new policy will take effect from May 16th.

It is important to note that the new return policy only applies to the ShopeeXpress delivery service, which supports returns at the delivery location and is applicable to COD payments.

According to Shopee’s notice, the steps for returning products using COD payment are as follows:

  1. The courier explains how to open the COD package.

  2. The buyer opens the package in front of the courier as instructed.

  3. The courier records the process of opening the COD package.

  4. The buyer inspects the contents of the COD package.

  5. If the COD package matches the product description or photo, the buyer continues with the COD payment process.

  6. If the COD package does not match the product description or photo, the buyer can return the package to the courier, who will repackage it and send it back to the seller.

However, there are some rules:

  • Buyers who have rejected packages twice in the past 60 days will be automatically banned from using the COD option for 60 days after the second rejection.

  • Buyers who have damaged the packaging, product packaging, or package once in the past 60 days will be banned from using the COD option for 60 days.

  • If the buyer has not followed the COD return instructions once in the past 60 days, they will be banned from using the COD option for 60 days.

As of January 31st, Shopee officially implemented a policy that allows buyers to open the product before making a COD payment. Now, Shopee also allows buyers to return the product before the COD payment is made. In fact, this plan has been implemented before, but on a smaller scale.

Although Shopee stated that this policy will not affect the return rate, thus having a relatively small impact on platform sellers’ performance, due to the fact that this policy actually shortens the return process for customers, many customers may impulsively return items, leading to a possibility of increased return rates.

Overall, for some buyers, this policy can also improve the customer experience, enhance the convenience of returns, and in the long run, benefit both the platform and sellers.

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