Temu opens two more country sites; SF Express’s international business revenue in April reached 47 billion yuan

Temu expands to two new countries while SF Express earns 47 billion yuan in international business revenue for April

1. SF Holdings’ supply chain and international business revenue in April reached RMB 4.7 billion

On May 23, SF Holdings released its operating report for April. In April, the volume and revenue growth of SF Holdings’ express delivery business both exceeded 20% YoY, with a total volume of 968 million pieces, a YoY increase of 29.59%, and express delivery revenue of RMB 14.646 billion, a YoY increase of 27.29%. The supply chain and international business revenue reached RMB 4.707 billion, and the total revenue of SF Holdings in April was RMB 19.353 billion, a YoY increase of 6.18%.

Source: China Securities Network

2. UTLink and China Dragon jointly open the Zhengzhou-Budapest route

On May 23, a Boeing 747-400 freighter loaded with goods took off from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and headed for Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Hungary. This is the first intercontinental freight route opened by a domestic airline from the hinterland of Central China to Eastern Europe. The regular freight route was jointly opened by UTLink and China Dragon, and operated by HUANU Air, which can transport oversized and hazardous goods, electronics and other categories of goods. The initial plan is to fly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and gradually increase to four flights per week according to market demand.

Source: China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing

3. Sichuan Airlines receives the first A330 passenger-to-freighter conversion aircraft in mainland China

On May 23, Sichuan Airlines received an A330-300 passenger-to-freighter (P2F) aircraft with registration number B-32D2 in Chengdu. This is also the first Airbus A330 passenger-to-freighter conversion aircraft in mainland China.

The maximum payload of the A330 passenger-to-cargo converted aircraft is 61 tons, and it can fly more than 5000 kilometers when fully loaded. It was previously renovated in Shanghai and delivered to Sichuan Airlines by ICBC Leasing. In the future, the aircraft will operate international cargo routes flying to Osaka, Brussels, Mumbai and other destinations.

Source: Sichuan News Network

4. Air Canada Cargo launches cargo flights to Costa Rica

On May 23, Air Canada Cargo began operating cargo flights to San Jose, Costa Rica, with a Boeing 767-300 converted freighter. The cargo airline stated that there will be two flights per week to Juan Santamaria International Airport.

This flight to San Jose is the latest addition to the company’s global network. Prior to this, Air Canada Cargo had launched cargo services to Basel, Liege, Dallas, Atlanta, and Bogota.

Source: aircargonews

5. Lazada upgrades its return value-added service page

On May 23, Lazada’s return value-added service page was upgraded. The upgrade includes: canceling the fixed threshold requirement of $20 for the merchant return plan; return value-added services can be combined to select plans, which are more flexible in meeting the needs of merchants.

If the merchant chooses “Yes” for the return, the threshold amount will be filled in according to their needs. Goods greater than the threshold amount will be returned to the merchant, and goods equal to or less than the threshold amount will be operated according to the merchant’s other selected plans. If the merchant chooses “No” for the return, there is no need to fill in the threshold, and all returned goods will be operated according to other selected plans. Goods greater than 0.11 MYR will be returned, and goods equal to or less than 0.11 MYR will be destroyed. Please note that due to the page upgrade, merchants who have modified their return value-added services recently should check the options in a timely manner to ensure that the effective plan meets their needs. Currently, the DPP option page of Worry-Free Treasure cannot be selected due to the ongoing renovation and upgrade. It is expected to be available at the end of May.

Source: DNY321

6. Amazon Raises Order Threshold for Free Delivery of Groceries Starting June 19

On May 23, Amazon significantly raised the threshold for free delivery of Morrisons online grocery orders. Starting at the end of next month, the company will charge a delivery fee for orders under £60.

According to an email sent by Amazon to customers, Prime users need to spend 50% more than before to be eligible for the free two-hour delivery service. Currently, Prime members must spend £40 to qualify for free rapid delivery service from Morrisons grocery stores. Starting on June 19, this threshold will rise to at least £60. If shoppers do not meet the delivery threshold, they will need to pay a minimum of £2 to receive the items they have ordered.

Source: BusinessDialogue

7. Temu Launches New Sites in Austria and Mexico

On May 23, Temu platform launched two new national sites in Austria and Mexico. So far, Temu has launched 12 national sites, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, as well as Austria and Mexico, which are now listed in the site list of Temu’s backend.

Source: Hugo Net

8. China Southern Airlines’ New Base in Shenzhen Officially Launched

On May 23, the construction commencement ceremony of China Southern Airlines’ new base in Shenzhen was held, which includes supporting facilities for production operation, aircraft maintenance, cargo logistics, etc. After completion, it will help Shenzhen build an international passenger and cargo aviation hub, consolidate and expand Shenzhen’s civil aviation industry chain, supply chain and domestic and international travel chain.

The total construction area of the new base project is 338,000 square meters (of which the first phase project is 210,000 square meters), with a total estimated investment of 2.4 billion yuan (of which the first phase project is 1.6 billion yuan). It includes an international cargo station, flight technology innovation studio, aircraft maintenance technology innovation studio, cabin emergency disposal laboratory, civil aviation information technology research and development laboratory, as well as supporting business premises, flight attendance building, canteen, etc. The first phase project is planned to be completed in 2028.

Source: Xinhua News Agency


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