TEMU launches in Austria and Mexico! Detailed registration process for TEMU

TEMU launches in Austria and Mexico with detailed registration process

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Recently, a seller revealed that TEMU platform has launched new country sites in Austria and Mexico on May 18. So far, TEMU has opened sites in 12 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Spain. According to the TEMU background, Austria and Mexico are also already listed in the site list.

At the beginning of this year, TEMU could only ship to the United States (including Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands) and Canada. Since then, TEMU has accelerated its expansion in many European countries. On April 21 this year, TEMU was officially launched in the UK, and soon after, the German site, the Dutch site, the Italian site, the French site, and the Spanish site were also launched. It is reported that in addition to the above European countries, Africa, Latin America and other regions will also be the expansion targets of TEMU in the future.

Detailed process of TEMU’s settlement

1. Log in to Pinduoduo’s cross-border TEMU registration page: click to view;

2. Fill in the mobile phone number, set the login password, fill in the verification code received by the registered mobile phone, and click the register button.

3. Choose the registered subject type;

4. Submit and upload the business license;

5. Submit the ID card information of the legal representative. Then carry out real-name authentication;

6. The account registration is completed, and further store opening is required;

7. Fill in the shop name, upload the shop logo, and fill in other related information;

8. Review time: The review time for personal and regular enterprise stores is three working days; SMS notification: Regardless of whether the review is passed or not, we will notify you of the review results via SMS;

9. After the store review is passed, log in to the store background for operation.

Why is Temu willing to open the threshold in the early stage and let a large number of merchants settle in?

There is no need to pay any purchase fees to the merchants, and there are a large number of goods for testing and evaluation. Of course, it is better to have more in the early stage, and it will definitely be optimized and improved later. Having analyzed the model thoroughly, there are still many companies willing to cooperate with Temu.

In the current situation where overseas consumption power is limited and there is a large amount of low-level repeated supply in China, Temu is still a very worthwhile export channel for many companies that have supply chain cost advantages and are not good at building channels themselves.

What are the requirements for settling in TEMU?

1. Have a team and ability to develop designs and produce shoots;

2. Be able to guarantee production capacity, product quality, and stable production and inventory sources, factories, or traders;

3. Priority will be given to those with cross-border e-commerce platform experience (such as Amazon, Walmart, Aliexpress, SHEIN, Etsy, eBay, Shopee, etc.), and those with independent station experience;

4. Suppliers with experience in the North American market are preferred.

Which categories are suitable for settling in?

TEMU is currently open for investment in all categories, including but not limited to: fashion women’s clothing, jeans, swimsuits, sports and outdoor clothing, sports and outdoor footwear, plus-size women’s clothing, underwear, pajamas, home clothing, home goods, beauty videos, bags, shoes, and boots.

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