Free bonus ends? Temu may charge sellers for overdue storage fees

Temu may charge sellers for overdue storage fees as free bonus ends

Recently, a Temu seller exposed a “Payoneer Collection Service Agreement”, which shows the related description of “one-stop warehousing comprehensive service fee”.

In another “One-stop Warehousing Comprehensive Service Agreement”, it is stipulated that if the seller’s product is stored in the Temu warehouse for more than the specified time, Temu will charge an overdue fee of 500/day during the time period. If the timeout exceeds 7 days or more, Temu has the right to handle the product on its own. The income generated from handling overdue products belongs to Temu, but the costs incurred during this period will be borne by the seller.

Therefore, many sellers believe that Temu will soon start charging warehousing service fees to sellers, and sellers’ profits may be affected.

According to the previous policy, sellers only need to provide competitive products, and the warehousing fees are covered by the platform after the seller ships the product to the domestic warehouse designated by Temu. In terms of pricing, sellers only need to provide the lowest price, and the corresponding sales price is determined by the platform.

However, with the influx of a large number of sellers into Temu, the platform’s operating costs continue to increase, and Temu’s policies are constantly changing. For example, in the initial VMI mode, the platform covered the shipping costs from the seller to the Temu warehouse, as well as the overseas logistics transportation costs. But at the end of last year, Temu announced that for sellers using the VMI mode, the platform will reduce the proportion of shipping costs covered in the future.

In fact, warehousing fees are not uncommon on cross-border e-commerce platforms. Amazon sellers are more familiar with them. Amazon charges a certain long-term warehousing fee per cubic meter for products that exceed a certain storage time. However, for Temu sellers who are used to free warehousing, they may feel a bit uncomfortable once fees are implemented.

However, some sellers have also stated that they have not yet received any notification in the background regarding Temu’s policy of charging overdue storage fees from sellers. Therefore, further waiting for official information is still needed.

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