Reasons for the failure of purchase refunds from Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and eBay

Causes of failed purchase refunds from Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and eBay

Everyone knows that configuring a secure and reliable network environment for each account is crucial for operations when it comes to refunds or LU orders. So, what aspects should be considered to achieve a high level of disguise?

1. Solving the correlation of hardware parameters, security code, region code, regulatory code, IMEI serial number, and physical MAC address.

2. The purity of the IP address (including the correlation of the IP address, DNS not jumping to another country, WebRTC local LAN not exposed in China, or blacklist IP).

3. Prevention of browser cookie correlation.

4. Foreign payment card correlation, card head risk control, and other issues.

5. Each account is unique, and managing the weight and skill of account label management is crucial.

6. The purity of the resources of the registered buyer account and the real shipping address will affect the safe and stable use of your buyer account. The underlying environment is also universal, and different platforms and sites only have different IP addresses and payment methods.

Currently, our technical solution is to build the IP and server in a powerful security terminal simulation software, which can be used to access servers under different systems in the Windows interface. This can block the platform’s machine review of the server’s hardware parameters, like a firewall. It will only check the external IP and cannot check the server’s hardware parameters, naturally eliminating associated parameters. Truly achieve a high level of disguise of a foreign IP environment, and with the combination of browsing and ordering techniques and high success rate payment cards, several comprehensive factors can achieve extremely low order cancellation and account suspension rates. Of course, this requires a certain level of technical expertise, and our technology will adjust the strategy and account management techniques according to the risk control environment.

Although the underlying environment is complex, the operation is straightforward and convenient. Whether you do big orders on Walmart, Amazon, ebay, newegg, or solve the security, account management details, and resource problems of LU cards, LU orders, refunds, or self-account management, these three issues are challenging. If one problem is not solved, it will be difficult to continue. In conclusion, experience is the best teacher. Welcome to technical exchanges. Editor: zcwz009

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