How do Amazon and Walmart set up delivery addresses, delivery templates, and return addresses?

How do Amazon and Walmart manage addresses for delivery and returns?

Hello everyone, the following settings are based on the delivery from the US warehouse of, with a shipping time of 1-2 days and a delivery time of 3-8 days. Please download the 【 Shipping/Returns Address】in 【Customer Service-Help】.

To quickly use, please see the following:

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Operation Guide (Documents+Videos): 【Customer Service-Help】


1. How to set up a shipping address on Amazon?

Click on 【Edit】in 【Settings-Shipping Settings-General Shipping Settings-Default Shipping Address】to add, delete, or edit a shipping address, and choose a default shipping address.

The default shipping address is the main actual address used to deliver ordered goods and is displayed to buyers as the shipping address on the 【All Seller Offer Page】. You can set multiple shipping addresses, but only one 【Default Shipping Address】 can be set for each account.

The 【Order Shipping Settings】 are shown in the following figure and mainly indicate that orders will not be picked up on weekends, and will be shipped on weekdays.

You can set the 【Default Stocking Time】 to 2 days initially, and enable 【Automatic Stocking Time Setting】 to adjust the default stocking time automatically based on actual shipping time.

2. How to set up a shipping template on Amazon?

【Settings-Shipping Settings-Shipping Templates】can set default templates and multiple shipping templates. The US warehouse shipping template is set as shown in the following figure:

As for how to 【Manage Shipping Templates】 and 【Assign SKUs to Shipping Templates】, you can search for shipping templates on Amazon for viewing and learning.

3. How to set up a return address on Amazon?

【Settings-Return Settings-General Settings】,choose 【Unpaid Label】 for 【Exempt Item Labels】, which allows Amazon to provide a return label.

Click 【Manage Your Return Addresses】 in 【Settings-Return Settings-Manage Your Return Addresses】 to add, delete, or edit a return address, and then select an address as the 【Preferred Default Return Address】.

If you need to set different return addresses for multiple SKUs, click 【Manage Return Templates】, download the 【Return Address】 template, fill in the store SKU and corresponding return address name, and save it as a txt file format to upload to Amazon. Select the 【Return Address】 request report, download the TSV format to open the table and view the results.


1. How to set up delivery addresses for Walmart?

【Settings—Seller Fulfillment】Add or edit delivery addresses.

2. How to set up delivery templates for Walmart?

【Settings—Shipping Templates】Set up economy logistics, 7-day delivery, and free shipping. In addition, different delivery templates can be set for SKUs.

3. How to set up return addresses for Walmart?

【Settings—Returns—Seller Fulfilled Returns——Return Centers(Required)】Add, edit, or delete return addresses.

If you need to set different return addresses for SKUs, download the 【Return Rules】 in 【Items—Update items in bulk】, fill in and upload the corresponding relationships.

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