Suddenly! Multiple sellers have revealed that the platform has mass-blocked their accounts

Multiple sellers' accounts mass-blocked on platform

Caught off guard! Shortly after the WayDay promotion, the Wayfair platform seems to have launched a wave of mass account closures, with many sellers receiving emails and having their accounts suddenly suspended!

Over the past two to three days, multiple Wayfair sellers have reported receiving emails from the platform, with their accounts being closed and cooperation agreements terminated. Unexpectedly, this May, Amazon began a large-scale account verification, and now even Wayfair is joining in on the fun of suspending accounts!

For the sellers who received the account closure emails, the email content can be mainly divided into the following three categories: price fraud and/or non-competitive wholesale pricing models, a large number of duplicate product links, and no orders made on the account in the past 12 months.

Below are screenshots of different account closure emails received by sellers:

Price fraud and/or non-competitive wholesale pricing models

A large number of duplicate product links

No orders made on the account in the past 12 months

In addition, besides the sellers who received the account closure emails, there are also sellers who reported not receiving any emails but are unable to access their back-end accounts. ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

Some sellers have also received emails mentioning that their products will be suspended from sale due to “high customer complaint rates,” and they need to implement corrective actions as outlined in the email to ensure that their accounts are in good standing. ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

Wayfair has previously carried out several rectification actions, mainly cracking down on repetitive stocking represented by distribution platforms and also taking action against high pricing (mainly pricing for similar products higher than that of Amazon). However, this time, the account closures were carried out on a large scale without any warning, catching many sellers off guard.

Some sellers mentioned that several of their accounts were closed in one day, resulting in significant losses. ‍ ‍

Other sellers commented that the platform is too insecure, and with poor performance this year, suspending accounts is a bad move… ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

It is uncertain whether this is a “mass email”, which may cause compliant sellers to misunderstand. It is recommended that sellers who receive this email contact their account managers and appeal to the platform according to the contact information, survey questionnaire, and rectification measures mentioned in the email.

Now, the model of bulk listing on Wayfair is definitely no longer viable. It is also unnecessary to hoard too many accounts. Accounts with poor performance and no sales for a long time may be cleaned up.

Similar to Amazon, these elaborate “operational” methods are ineffective. For sellers who value products and supply chains, as well as export ODM/OEM companies with product bases ready to enter cross-border e-commerce C-end, this is a positive development. You don’t have to compete with complex “skills”, but rather put more energy into product research and development and traffic operations. This is a more long-term business strategy.

Wayfair has emphasized its supplier code of conduct, which is equivalent to drawing a red line for compliant operations for all sellers. Here it is shared again with the hope that sellers who encounter account suspensions can recover their accounts in a timely manner:

1. Use one product detail page for each product. It is strictly prohibited to list duplicate versions of products or similar copies, including completely identical pictures or product content.

2. Operate only one account per site. Only one unique sales account is allowed to operate on each site, unless approved by Wayfair for reasonable business purposes.

3. Provide accurate business and product information. This includes company information, contact information, and product information, and such information should be updated regularly.

4. Comply with our product guidelines. Only products that comply with Wayfair’s guidelines can be supplied; products that discriminate, beautify violence, or infringe on any third-party intellectual property rights are prohibited.

5. Respect customer relationships. Do not contact Wayfair customers directly, and do not manipulate or influence customer reviews.

6. Sell safe, compliant, and legal products. Meet or exceed all rules, regulations, and compliance standards applicable to your products.

7. Follow ethical and socially responsible business practices. Uphold labor and human rights and promote environmental sustainability.

8. Comply with applicable laws and Wayfair policies. This includes all laws in the markets and regions where you operate your business or manufacture, distribute, sell, or transport your products, including but not limited to our Business Practices and Ethics Code and Anti-Bribery Policy.

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