Deadline is June 12th! The submission for Wish’s Anniversary Celebration promotion has started!

Submission for Wish's Anniversary Celebration promotion has begun with a deadline of June 12th

BusinessDialogue has learned that according to foreign media reports, Wish recently announced that it will hold a global “Wish Anniversary” promotion from June 24 to July 7. Sellers who want to participate in this promotion must submit their applications before June 12.

During the anniversary promotion period, Wish will increase product exposure through various channels both inside and outside the platform, including:

BusinessDialogue understands that sellers who want to participate in this promotion must meet the following conditions: the seller’s store level must be platinum, gold, or silver; the product rating must be at least 4 stars or higher, and there must be at least two ratings.

Sellers can log in to the Wish Merchant Platform and click “Promotions” > “Merchant Promotion Platform” > “Create Promotion” > “Theme Activity” on the homepage, then select Wish Anniversary and submit appropriate products that meet the requirements.

To promote seller sales, Wish will launch a new feature on the Merchant Promotion Platform. This feature will allow sellers to download a list of product IDs (in CSV format) that meet the promotion criteria. Sellers can then use the downloaded CSV file to quickly create promotions.

From March 30 to April 5 this year, Wish held its first large-scale promotion event of 2023, “Wishmas”. The company stated that more than 7,000 sellers participated in the event. In addition, during the “Wishmas” promotion period, the platform’s GMV increased by more than 30% and the number of orders increased by more than 50%.

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