Add to cart but not paying? Revealing 6 reasons to help you increase conversion rate on your independent website!

6 reasons to increase conversion rate on your website by adding to cart without paying

Sellers who do cross-border business often encounter a big challenge, which is the high abandonment rate of independent websites. If you are troubled by this problem, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you analyze the reasons for abandoned orders and provide specific solutions.

Not satisfied with the current product price

When facing a high unit price, consumers may further compare and hesitate, or even choose to give up purchasing.

To solve this problem, we can display attractive discount codes on the homepage of the website to stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase. For those who have already given up, we can try to send emails to provide additional discounts or services to bring them back. In addition, regular promotional activities or discount periods can also effectively stimulate consumers’ purchasing behavior.

Independent websites can set various types of discounts, and, most importantly, can set up automatic abandonment recovery emails, and use “Web Push” browser reminders to increase conversion rates in minutes!

Unclear / high postage

If consumers only discover that they need to pay high shipping costs at checkout, they may feel deceived and choose to give up purchasing. To avoid this situation, we should clearly display the shipping policy on the product page and provide multiple shipping options for consumers to choose from.

In addition, we can also try to provide free shipping for orders over a certain amount to stimulate consumers’ purchasing behavior.

Independent website merchants can directly choose a free shipping plan when setting up their shipping methods, which consumers can select when placing an order.

Have not yet decided to buy

Consumers may have various hesitations and considerations during the shopping process. They may just be browsing products of interest or comparing prices, and need more time to decide whether to purchase.

For this situation, we can offer coupons or promotional activities to stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase. In addition, we can also use email reminder services to regularly send interested consumers information on products and promotions.

At this point, we need to make good use of the EDM marketing function, reaching out to consumers who have viewed but not yet made a purchase, and further reminding them to buy. Below are some email marketing tools that independent station merchants can use as reference for selection.

Website speed is too slow

In today’s fast-paced society, speed is everything. A website with slow loading speeds may make consumers feel impatient and even choose to leave.

Data shows that the best website loading speed is 3 seconds, and most users will leave if it exceeds 3 seconds. Therefore, we must ensure that our website loading speed is optimized. For this, we can choose high-performance servers, optimize the website, and improve loading speeds. At the same time, we also need to ensure that our website can load quickly and run smoothly on various devices.

Website operation process is too cumbersome

A simple and easy-to-use shopping process is crucial for improving conversion rates. If it requires multiple page jumps to complete the shopping process, consumers may feel tired and even choose to give up their purchase. Therefore, we need to optimize the shopping process to make it more concise and clear. For example, we can support one-click registration, allow users to register after purchasing, and provide embedded payment methods.

No payment methods familiar to consumers

For e-commerce websites targeting global markets, providing multiple payment methods is very important. Different countries and regions have their own payment habits, and if the website lacks payment methods familiar to consumers, they may not be able to complete the payment and choose to give up their purchase.

If you want to expand your global market, it is important to offer popular payment methods in your target market. For example, international credit cards are popular in Europe, America, and Australia. Therefore, ensuring that your independent website offers a variety of payment methods to meet the payment needs of most consumers is the key to solving this problem.

In summary, for each abandoned order reason, we need to conduct in-depth analysis and understanding, and make targeted improvements and optimizations. Only in this way can we truly increase conversion rates, reduce abandoned order rates, and maximize our profits.

The shopping process is like a funnel model that needs to be filtered layer by layer. But as long as we identify the key problem and optimize it accordingly, we will definitely be able to improve the order conversion rate and win the battle against abandoned orders!

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