How to generate exclusive links for promoting influencers on independent websites

Generating exclusive links for promoting influencers on independent websites

Internet celebrity promotion is a popular way of advertising currently. Among them, the commission-based cooperation model is relatively popular, which settles the commission after the order is placed without direct monetary investment in the early stage. If an independent website wants to promote through internet celebrities, it must be able to analyze the quality and output of the corresponding internet celebrity promotion in order to achieve long-term and stable cooperation. Currently, there are many advertising alliance platforms for cooperating with internet celebrities abroad, such as ShareASale, Mopubi, Affiliate, Mainad, Rakuten, and so on. If you have internet celebrity resources, you may not necessarily need to go through the alliance platform to achieve cooperation. There are several ways for independent websites to judge the effectiveness of internet celebrities’ orders: 1. multiple domains, different domains correspond to different internet celebrities, and the effectiveness is judged through domain conversion. 2. coupon analysis. 3. landing page tracking. 4. activity page promotion. 5. alliance platform API docking, code tracking. Taking coupons and full-site activities as examples, how to implement them. Taking the enterprise version of the independent website building platform and the Meitong case as an example, we will demonstrate how to split and introduce practical operations. Let’s take a random coupon code TEJK544V as an example to demonstrate the powerful promotion function of coupons. ##Exclusive coupon promotion landing page》》 Share with customers via email or social media. When customers access through the link, the shopping cart and checkout pages will automatically recommend the coupon code for easy use and enjoy discounts, which can also be used as a way of internet celebrity promotion. Customize color scheme Front-end coupon promotion page display Multiple displays stimulate user purchases and consumption. They can be displayed on the product detail page, shopping cart page, and can be directly selected for the current coupon without manual input, and can also be displayed on the checkout page as a reminder (the following three figures). Coupon data analysis: display of usage quantity Page view displays can also be used for internet celebrity index statistics. Coupon detailed usage data report ##Full-site activities: exclusive promotion landing page》》 Customized shipping plan Front-end display Progress bar for full-site discount activities, set to display on different pages Of course, the above are only some of the ways of data analysis, and there are more functions that need to be called and tested in depth through the website.

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