Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market is hot How can companies breaking into the market solve the problem of payment difficulties?

How can companies entering Southeast Asia's e-commerce market overcome payment difficulties?

The e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is developing rapidly. It is expected that by 2025, the size of the Southeast Asian e-commerce market will exceed 300 billion US dollars. Among them, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand have extremely fast-growing e-commerce markets, and the booming Southeast Asian market provides huge business growth opportunities for offshore companies. However, many offshore companies are usually stumped by international payment issues when entering the Southeast Asian e-commerce market, such as slow capital turnover and high handling fees. Qbit provides a series of financial solutions to help offshore companies solve payment difficulties and help explore the Southeast Asian market. Image source: Internet 01 Support local payment, lower payment cost Efficiently integrate Southeast Asia’s local payment network, support payment in Southeast Asian local currencies, save 90% of payment costs, and receive payments as fast as T+0. Support large or batch payments and payments with the same name as the enterprise. 02 Cover multiple scenarios, meet diverse payment needs Support binding to e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Shoplazza, Stripe, PayPal and other acquirers, and meet the payment needs of different business scenarios, suitable for Southeast Asian mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, etc. 03 One-stop overseas fund management After the enterprise completes the collection, it can withdraw funds to the Qbit global account to complete one-stop operations such as employee salary settlement and foreign exchange settlement. With the recovery of the global economy and the promotion of digitalization, the Southeast Asian market will bring more business opportunities for offshore companies. As a financial technology company that provides one-stop cross-border fund management services for offshore companies, Qbit uses its FinTech genes to continuously create high-quality and diverse global efficient payment products through technological innovation, empowering offshore companies to smoothly enter the Southeast Asian e-commerce market. If you are interested in the offshore industry, please follow Qbit and actively leave a message for discussion. We will continue to update cross-border e-commerce dry goods and the latest and hottest industry information~

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