Beginner’s Guide to Independent Website How to Find High-Quality and Stable Sources for Goods?

How to find reliable sources for goods on an independent website - beginner's guide

Holding one or more high-quality and stable sources of goods is the foundation for sellers to start their independent online business. If the source of goods itself has problems, the seller may face shortages, out-of-stock items, and a high rate of negative feedback. So, how can independent online businesses find suitable sources of goods?

How to find?

Cross-border service providers: including website building, payment, logistics, promotion and other service providers, they will have contact with a large number of domestic customers. In order to better maintain customer relationships, they can sometimes play a role as a bridge. This is actually a win-win process, as the seller can obtain high-quality sources of goods, and the service provider can also gain a long-term stable customer.

Social media platforms: with the rapid development of the Internet, many domestic suppliers are also choosing to promote on social media platforms. Sellers can search for relevant information by searching for industry keywords on platforms like Douyin, Xiaohongshu, etc., such as category + foreign trade wholesale.

After finding a large amount of information, sellers need to do some screening. They can make a comprehensive judgment based on clues such as account names, account content, user comments, etc. It is worth noting that there are many false online information, so sellers should be more cautious.

B2B platforms: There are many B2B platforms in China, with a large number of suppliers, such as 1688, Global Sources, Yiwugo, etc. Some B2B platforms also support dropshipping. The advantage of distribution platforms is that they have a wide selection range and are very convenient, but the disadvantage is that homogenization is serious and profit margins are low, so it is difficult to form a competitive advantage.

Exhibitions and trade fairs: With the opening of offline activities, exhibitions and trade fairs in China are also being held one after another. The cost of exhibitions is relatively high, so suppliers who have the ability to participate in exhibitions are relatively strong.

How to Choose?

Firstly, sellers must remember to avoid sourcing products at excessively low prices. Such sources, which are priced too low to even cover costs, are likely to have problems regardless of where the seller found them.

Secondly, it is best to avoid paying first and receiving goods later when collaborating with suppliers for the first time. Otherwise, sellers may face the risk of sudden price increases or not receiving the goods.

Lastly, sellers need to make personalized choices based on their own needs, financial reserves, product categories, and other factors.

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