How to layout an independent website so that the brand can go further in overseas markets?

How to layout an independent website for brand expansion in overseas markets?

According to statistics, as of July 2021, there are already more than 200,000 independent cross-border e-commerce websites in China! In the past two years, SHEIN, Zibuyu, and other leading players have taken the lead in playing the game of launching a series of brand independent websites. They use the combination of “third-party e-commerce platforms” ****+**** ****self-operated websites (independent websites) to avoid risks and control their own traffic.

Recently, the younger generation has found that the number of brand independent websites is increasing like “spring bamboo shoots”! Both cross-border large-scale sellers and small and medium-sized sellers who take the small and beautiful route urgently need to establish brand independent websites to grasp traffic.

This is actually the result of multiple factors working together in the larger environment! Nowadays, consumers are increasingly pursuing personalized experiences, and the technology of independent websites has become more and more convenient to use. The demand for market competition and brand differentiation has driven the growth of independent websites, and the improvement of user experience and marketing effectiveness is even better.

By building independent websites and combining external promotion, offshore brands can better meet user needs, shape brand image, and stand out in competition.

Independent website optimization is not easy, and it must overcome technical difficulties

It is not easy to fully build an independent website, let alone continuously optimize its operation!

Whether it is as the second display window of cross-border e-commerce brands or as the facade and bridge of international trade, companies with independent websites can better display brand characteristics and product features, and can also interact directly with potential customers.

However, solving these technical challenges is not easy.

Regular technical audits and optimizations are necessary, using appropriate tools and techniques, and collaborating with professional developers or teams to help us overcome these problems and truly improve the traffic of our independent website.

Website performance and speed

Those who often surf the internet know that if our website loads slowly or response time is too long, it can scare away users!

Optimizing website performance and speed is a key step to increasing traffic, otherwise users may run to other websites.

Mobile adaptability

With the popularity of mobile devices, more and more users are accessing the internet through smartphones or tablets. Ensuring that the independent website has good response and adaptability on different devices is quite necessary, allowing users to have a seamless online experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is our secret weapon to increase traffic. We need to optimize the website structure, dig for treasure keywords, and create and optimize high-quality content.

In this way, the independent website can rank high in search engines, attracting more potential target users.

Data security and privacy

Protecting user data security and privacy is key to building user trust. Independent websites must protect the valuable data security and privacy of their users by doing some “little tricks”.

Use secure data transmission protocols, data encryption, secure access control, etc., to prevent bad actors from taking advantage!

Cross-platform Compatibility

Similarly, we must ensure that our independent website can be displayed appropriately on various platforms, providing users with a consistent experience. To achieve this, strong technical abilities are necessary!

Social Media Integration

Social media has become an important shortcut for our promotion and referral. We need to closely integrate the independent website with social media platforms, making it easier for users to share and promote content. However, this requires the cooperation of website and social media APIs to solve technical problems of mutual operation.

In the promotion of our brand independent website products and services, if we want to go further, we must solve these technical challenges step by step. Although it is a laborious task, who makes us have the heart to expand our brand overseas!

How can an independent website have a “viral factor”

An industry consensus is that building and operating an independent website requires patience and persistent efforts, and must be based on user data for continuous improvement and optimization. Don’t expect to become popular all over the internet immediately, have a long-term plan and a sense of continuous improvement, and polish the core infrastructure of the independent website to increase the probability of going viral.

First, deeply understand the importance of website design and user experience.

As a senior independent website operator, we must spend time working with the design team to ensure that the website interface is consistent with the brand image, and that the page layout and navigation structure are clear.

To optimize website loading speed, use responsive design so that users can smoothly access and browse the website on different devices.

The most crucial thing is to improve the convenience of purchasing. We need to simplify the registration and purchasing process, provide clear product information and instructions, make contact information visible, and give users a smooth experience.

Secondly, focus on content marketing and SEO optimization.

An experienced operator will definitely not ignore the creation of high-quality content, attract users through content, and maintain their interest.

The presentation of content takes many forms, and each product and service has its unique value points. Our goal is to build content around these value points and give users the most intuitive perception.

As a result, the person in charge of brand independent website operation needs to work closely with the content team to create rich, useful, and attractive content. This can include product introductions, usage guides, industry news, and related information.

At the same time, our content planning must also be based on keyword research and analysis of products and services. For example, if we sell e-cigarettes, we need to know which keywords are popular in the e-cigarette industry and use them reasonably in website content.

Then, by writing attractive meta descriptions and title tags, we can attract more and more users to click on our website links.

In addition, we can also work hard to establish cooperative relationships with industry blogs, media websites, and social media accounts of industry influencers, and promote our brand through their recommendations and publicity to enhance our brand awareness and credibility.

Thirdly, make full use of social media and influencer marketing.

Brands need specialized communication channels, understand which social media platforms their users are active on, and then publish attractive content there!

This can display our products, share user case studies, pay attention to industry trends, and also organize some promotional activities to attract interaction from followers.

We can also collaborate with influential figures, bloggers, and opinion leaders in the industry, and through their recommendations and publicity, let them endorse our brand and greatly increase users’ trust in us!

We also need to regularly interact with followers, responding to their comments and questions.

Building a good community relationship further increases user loyalty and word-of-mouth effect. Let users feel that we are not just a brand, but also a friend that they can rely on and trust.

Lastly, don’t forget about data analysis and continuous improvement.

Experienced independent website operators know this is crucial. By using website analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Sem Rush, important indicators such as website traffic sources, user behavior, and conversion rates can be tracked and analyzed.

Through this data analysis, we can understand how users find our website, what they do on the website, and where improvements are needed. This allows us to make targeted adjustments and optimizations to gradually improve the user experience!

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