5 Major Trends in Pet Products for the North American Market in 2023

Pet product trends for North America in 2023 - 5 major

The President of the World Pet Association, Vic Mason, said: “People are spending more time with their pets and seeking products to help them thrive. Entrepreneurs are eager to meet this demand with new products and categories.”

One of the biggest challenges for any pet retailer is to maintain a leading position in the competition. To gain a competitive advantage, it is essential to understand which products, practices, and brand information resonate within the pet community.

Here are five major trends in the North American pet product market for 2023.

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1. Pet Health

Pet supplements are flourishing and show no sign of slowing down. According to NielsenIQ, sales of pet supplements have grown by 50% in the past three years, with the largest increase in probiotics for gut health and supplements for behavior improvement. In addition to supplements, many food and snack brands are emphasizing ingredients with known nutritional value, such as turmeric, pumpkin, and collagen.

This is one of the most popular trends in the SuperZoo 2022 exhibition hall, appearing in all pet categories—even including farm and feed.

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2. Sustainability

In recent years, as consumers’ concerns about pollution, waste, and the environment have grown, efforts in the pet industry around sustainability have increased rapidly. At SuperZoo 2022, we saw this trend reflected in brand information and more environmentally friendly products.

A product like DooGood pet waste bags from The Marvelous Company is an example of this trend, aiming to create a more sustainable planet. These bags are made with a patented formula of cornstarch, plant oils, and natural minerals, designed to safely and completely biodegrade in non-composting environments.

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3. Alternative protein

Seeking alternative sources of protein, such as insects, plant-based protein, and lab-grown meat, is another common way for brands to address sustainability issues and reduce environmental footprints. These products are also often promoted as beneficial for pets with protein allergies – a trend related to another trend of limited ingredient diets as owners become increasingly aware of their animals’ dietary allergens and sensitivities.

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4. Freeze-dried food

Raw, air-dried, and freeze-dried foods are another increasingly popular alternative to standard pet food. According to a NielsenIQ report, search terms for “dehydrated” and “freeze-dried” dog food products grew 30% and 28%, respectively, from August 2021 to July 2022.

Boss Nation Brands is one of the companies advocating for this trend, showcasing their freeze-dried raw food at SuperZoo 2022, “providing a diet foundation for pets that mimics their wild diet.” Their products are also infused with probiotics and free of corn, soy, wheat, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

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5. Puzzle toys

Pet toy manufacturers are thinking outside the box. Exhibitors at SuperZoo 2022 showcased a variety of interactive puzzle toys, treat dispensers, and unique chew toys designed to stimulate and challenge our pets.

The Catit series of Senses 2.0 toys took first place in the SuperZoo New Product Showcase Awards in the cat category. These colorful mix-and-match toys include an action-activated feather mushroom, a relaxation station with massager and brush, a “digger” slow feeder, an adjustable circuit ball toy, and more – all of which can be connected to create a sensory playground.

LickiMats are another slow feeder that is popular at SuperZoo 2022. These mats with grooves are developed to reduce separation anxiety in dogs and cats because excessive licking can cause stimulation and painful blisters. By spreading snacks or providing food on the LickiMat, pets can get lasting entertainment and soothing effect of repeated licking.

These are the new trends in the North American pet market, hoping to provide reference for cross-border sellers in selecting and stocking goods for the new year.

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