Independent website excellent case analysis How does Bissell, a home cleaning brand, achieve differentiated competition?

Bissell, a home cleaning brand, achieved differentiated competition analyzed on an excellent independent website

Cleaning products can be said to be essential for households, especially in European and American households where the average living space per person is larger, making the demand for household cleaning products more obvious. The market demand for household cleaning products is large and stable, making it a high-quality category, but at the same time, it also faces problems such as saturation and inability to innovate.

For a new brand that wants to expand internationally, it will likely face difficulties competing with well-known brands in terms of popularity and factory-direct pricing. So where is the breakthrough? The brand we are about to analyze may give you some inspiration.

User Characteristics Analysis

Bissell is a household cleaning brand. Upon entering their official website, we can see that pets appear frequently on the homepage, and the copy also contains a lot of pet-related information. Therefore, we can speculate that their main target audience is pet owners, without an obvious age or gender bias.

According to similarweb data, female users account for 49.69% of Bissell’s website visitors, and male users account for 50.13%, with a very even distribution. The age distribution is also similar, with the lowest proportion being 18 to 24 years old at 12.02%, while the highest proportion is 25 to 34 years old, at only 20.44%. All of these confirm our previous speculation.

(Image source: similarweb)

In fact, Bissell’s initial focus was not on pet owners, but like other household cleaning brands, targeting all audiences for cleaning products. It wasn’t until around 2000 that Bissell discovered that 72% of their customers were pet owners that they began to adjust their operational strategy. Their differentiated product positioning also made them stand out among many brands.

For independent station sellers, fully understanding user information and regularly conducting surveys and analysis on users is very important, which often becomes an important basis for sellers to adjust their operation strategies.

Operation strategy analysis

According to SimilarWeb data, the traffic of Bissell’s official website mainly comes from direct access traffic (36.54%), organic search traffic (35.10%), and paid search traffic (18.05%).

(Image source: SimilarWeb)

Natural search keywords: The keywords that bring high traffic to Bissell’s official website are mostly concentrated on industry core keywords. Although industry core keywords bring considerable traffic, the difficulty is also very high. Among these keywords, we will find that there are also some keywords with low difficulty, but their traffic is also considerable. These keywords are actually what small and medium-sized sellers can prioritize.

For independent station sellers, they can also find suitable keywords by analyzing the keywords selected by websites in the same category.

(Image source: Ahrefs)

External links: Many of Bissell’s external links are from pet charity websites, which is actually a method that pet product sellers can refer to. By donating to charity in exchange for website external links, news reports, etc., this can also increase consumer goodwill and is a win-win method.

Conversion rate analysis

After traffic enters the website, whether it can be converted into orders depends on whether the website can gain consumer trust and whether it can prompt consumers to make purchasing decisions. So what optimizations has Bissell done in this regard?

Charity activities: Pet owners are generally more caring and even treat their pets as family members. Therefore, they have a higher level of trust in brands that have social responsibility and hold high goodwill towards pets. Bissell cooperates with pet organizations and pet foundations and displays these contents on the website, which can effectively increase consumer goodwill.

User donations: Allowing users to participate in the brand’s public welfare activities not only increases conversion rates, but also increases user loyalty to the brand. Bissell states that when consumers purchase a product with a special label, they will donate a certain amount of money to the pet foundation.

Sharing public welfare results with consumers can generate a strong sense of participation. On the one hand, consumers can get the products they want, and on the other hand, they can also show their love, which makes consumers feel more satisfied. The more satisfied consumers are with their shopping experience, the more likely they are to consider your products first in their next purchase.

Quick search: Consumers who purchase household cleaning products usually have clear targets and needs, so helping them quickly find the products they need is an effective way to increase conversion rates.

Bissell’s official website has added a quick search plugin on its homepage, allowing consumers to search for products by category or surface type. Especially for the latter, it can help consumers who have needs but don’t know what products to buy to quickly locate the product type.

Bundled sales: Bundled sales are one of the best ways to increase the average customer value and sales volume. Bissell’s official website has many product combinations for sale, such as vacuum cleaners and cleaning agents, and cleaning agent combinations. These are actually complementary products that consumers need to use, and they also have some price advantages, so they are more easily accepted by consumers.

User operations analysis

Maintaining loyal customers is one of the effective ways to increase the repurchase rate, reduce promotion costs, and increase the average customer value. So, what has Bissell done in terms of user operations analysis?

Subscription Model: Cleaning agents, accessories, and other related products are all consumables that consumers need to repurchase after use. For consumers, this is actually a relatively troublesome thing, on the one hand, it requires repetitive purchases, and on the other hand, it is easy to forget.

To solve the problems faced by consumers and improve customer retention, Bissell has launched a subscription model. Consumers only need to make one purchase and wait for delivery. This actually cultivates the user’s buying habits, thereby increasing customer loyalty and the possibility of purchasing other products.

All of Bissell’s operational strategies revolve around the needs of its target users. This is probably an important reason why it can survive and develop better and better.

If you want to learn more about Bissell’s detailed operational strategies, you can send us a private message or scan the QR code to contact our consultant!

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