Unveiling the common mistakes in foreign trade website building, teaching you how to easily avoid pitfalls

Common mistakes in foreign trade website building revealed, learn how to easily avoid them

Nowadays, many companies are consciously starting to build and promote foreign trade websites. However, if there is not a clear understanding of the website during the building process, there will be many misunderstandings in the construction of the website, which will lead to many problems in the later use of the website and result in unsatisfactory results. Today, Yun Cheng Network will list some of the common misunderstandings for companies.

1. Directly translating Chinese websites into English

Many companies first build Chinese websites during the early stages of website building and then simply translate the Chinese into English and use a second-level domain name to create an English website without changing the layout. However, in reality, there are significant differences in aesthetic habits between China and foreign countries. It is difficult to make foreign customers like the design style of the Chinese website directly, and if the English website is a second-level domain name, it will be unfavorable for the company’s later SEO or brand display. Therefore, it is recommended that companies create foreign trade websites specifically, rather than directly translating Chinese websites into English versions.

2. Using domestic servers

This is a problem that many companies often overlook. Some companies find that the website opening speed is good, but forget to investigate which server the website is using. However, foreign trade websites mainly target foreign customers. Using domestic servers may not be a problem for opening speed in China, but it will require a longer reaction time when opening in foreign countries, leading to slow website opening speed and customer loss. Generally, it is recommended that companies purchase American servers to meet the needs of foreign trade enterprises.

3. Ignoring website optimization and promotion

Some companies neglect website optimization requirements during website building and then find that the website does not meet the optimization requirements when doing Google SEO promotion later, requiring the company to re-adjust or rebuild the website, wasting a lot of time and money. Therefore, it is recommended that companies choose foreign trade website building companies that can do optimization, so that the website construction is more in line with Google’s preferences and lays the foundation for subsequent promotion.

As the awareness of foreign trade enterprises towards network strengthens, foreign trade website construction has become essential for every enterprise. The quality of foreign trade websites determines the starting point of enterprises in overseas network marketing. Therefore, enterprises must attach importance to it.

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