What are the Google instructions that foreign trade merchants need to know?

Google instructions for foreign trade merchants

When promoting foreign trade, companies must use Google promotion, because people overseas use Google the most, so Google is a must for foreign trade promotion. 99% of foreign trade sellers use the basic search commands on Google when looking for buyers. If foreign trade sellers do not know how to use basic Google search commands, they will obviously be out of touch with the times. Here are some basic Google search commands that foreign trade sellers must master:

1. site:

site: is a search command used to search for websites or domain names. If sellers want to quickly find accurate information on the target website, they can use this command.

2. “-“

“-” means logical negation and can help sellers search for useless keywords that are already known, effectively eliminating irrelevant information and making it easier to find the desired buyers.

3. “keywords”

Double quotes are used for exact matches, treating the words inside as a whole when searching. This can help sellers quickly find relevant information.

4. filetype:

filetype: is used to search for specific file types, such as PDF, DOC, XLSX files. Using this command can help sellers find files more quickly.

5. define

define is used to quickly look up dictionary content, and can be used to quickly understand some words or phrases, making it convenient for daily work.

6. related:

Indicates that the current site is similar to other sites, and can help sellers view the corresponding content of the current site.

7. in

in is used to convert between quantities.

8. inurl:

inurl: indicates that a keyword will appear in the URL, making it easy to find valid information.

9. intitle:

intitle: indicates that a keyword will appear in the title, making it easy to find valid information.


* is a wildcard that can help sellers search for similar content without trying many different keywords.

The above are the basic Google commands that foreign trade merchants need to master.

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