Which foreign trade promotion platform is better Google or Alibaba International Station?

Google or Alibaba International Station for foreign trade promotion?

When conducting international trade promotion, Google and Alibaba International are common platforms for enterprises. However, many companies have limited budgets and cannot afford to use both. So in a choice between the two, how should companies choose the promotion method that suits them best? Next, Yun Cheng Network will analyze this with you.

1. Stability

Google occupies about 74% of the global search market. If companies do Google SEO while bidding on Google, even if the company does not bid later, with the increase of optimization time, the ranking will become higher and higher, and the traffic will also increase. Even if the company does not optimize, as long as it pays for hosting and domain fees, the foreign trade website will remain for a long time. If some SEO settings were done in the early stage, some high-competition websites may also achieve rankings. However, if the company does not renew its subscription to Alibaba International, the store, products, traffic, and customers will disappear, and there will be no continuity of the effect.

2. In terms of traffic

Alibaba International has accumulated for many years and has a certain reputation overseas, so it has some traffic. However, its main source of traffic is still obtained from channels such as Google promotion. After the company opens a store, it does not mean that it owns this traffic. There are more than 200,000 merchants in Alibaba International and it is still growing, so companies need to compete with many peers for traffic, and they need to purchase Alibaba International’s paid promotion, which is equivalent to second-hand traffic. Since both are obtained through Google, companies may as well directly obtain first-hand traffic through Google bidding and assist Google SEO to achieve long-term effects.

3. From the perspective of trust

The Alibaba International website is a B2B paid platform. After a company registers and sets up a shop, there are limitations on the display of their products. Therefore, there are some shortcomings in terms of brand promotion and display. Google, on the other hand, is a search engine. Companies can display their own independent foreign trade websites with their own brands, domains, and more through Google SEO or bidding, which creates a higher level of trust for users.

Fourth, the level of competition:

Competition is fierce within the Alibaba International platform. When users search for a product, hundreds or thousands of companies’ products are displayed, leading to intense price comparisons and compression of business interests. Alibaba International does have its own mechanisms, such as buyer preference, star rating, gold medal and honest enterprise, and ordinary members. The quality of customers obtained by these mechanisms may vary. Google bidding and SEO are relatively fair. SEO relies on technical means to obtain natural rankings, while Google bidding mainly competes for advertising spots in Google through bidding and account management. There are generally only 3-5 ads on the Google homepage, the rest are natural rankings.

Therefore, if companies only consider one method of foreign trade promotion, Google promotion is relatively more cost-effective and can gain customers’ trust, and the cost is also lower, making it a good choice for businesses.

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